How Hamas fooled the West

Another good piece from Andrew Bolt. Mr Bolt seems to be the only sane voice prepared to stand by his beliefs and morals. Thank goodness for people like this…

NOTHING more to be said. Israeli soldiers kill at least nine peace activists trying to ship aid to a starving people.

Or as the front page of The Age screamed: “Israel kills boat protesters.”

End of story. There are immediate riots and protests against this appalling brutality in London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and throughout the Middle East.

The United Nations whacks Israel and calls for an emergency meeting of the Security Council. And from Moscow to Washington, Israel stands utterly friendless. Dangerously alone.

What a coup for those pledged to the destruction of that tiny Jewish country. How discredited and invitingly defenceless Israel now seems. Someone couldn’t have scripted this any better.

Well, almost no better, because even the journalists most sympathetic to the activists on the six ships intercepted on Monday by Israel couldn’t help but refer, albeit grudgingly, to a couple of untidy details too obvious to ignore.

ABC radio host Jon Faine, for instance, described these poor victims of Zionist aggression as “humanitarian activists with a few knives”.

Er, with knives? Humanitarians?

And a strident report in The Age, Australia’s most Left-wing metropolitan daily, conceded that video of the Israeli soldiers being lowered on to the ships from helicopters did show that some of the “hundreds of politicians and protesters” on board did offer “signs of resistance”.

Here are some of those “signs of the resistance” that this Age reporter tactfully failed to detail.

You see the Israeli commandos, at first brandishing just paint-ball guns, being grabbed by mobs as they landed, dragged to the ground, and beaten brutally with metal pipes and clubs.

On another clip, apparently shot by protesters, you see a soldier stabbed in the back, and then in the front.

Another soldier is shown being beaten and thrown over the side.

Photographs show two Israeli soldiers, one of them shot, being carried off with serious wounds.

This isn’t what you’d normally expect from “peace protesters” or “humanitarian activists”, even those armed merely “with a few knives”.

So these clues suggest the Western media – and many foolish politicians – have just fallen for a brilliant propaganda coup by the kind of Islamists who threaten us, too.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also fell for it, saying he was “deeply concerned” by the deaths and condemning “any use of violence under the sorts of circumstances we have seen”.

His Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith, likewise attacked Israel for a “terrible and shocking event” and demanded it hold an inquiry.

Not once did Rudd or Smith suggest an inquiry into who organised this trap in which Israel had fallen – or into those who now stand most to gain.

The despairing Israeli ambassador, Yuval Rotem, could only congratulate the organisers: “They couldn’t have had a better outcome.”

So who are we talking about? Here’s another vital clue.

The Israeli soldiers took over six ships of an “aid” flotilla trying to pierce the blockade that both Israel and Egypt have imposed on Gaza, a territory controlled by the Islamist Hamas.

Only on one of those six ships did the Israelis meet a resistance that clearly – and fatally – caught them by surprise.

This was not on one of the ships manned by the Western politicians, aid workers and other useful idiots brought along for camouflage.

It broke out instead on the Mavi Marmara, a ship bought and supplied by a Turkish “humanitarian relief fund” known as IHH.

IHH may boast about its good works, but intelligence agencies warn that it is in fact tied to Islamist terrorists.

The CIA as long ago as 1996 noted it was linked to “Iran operatives” and gave “support for extremist/terrorist activity”, including in Bosnia.

In 2001, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, the prominent French counter-terrorism magistrate, said at the trial of the “millennium bomber” that IHH had played “an important role” in the plot to blow up Los Angeles airport.

He said the charity was “a type of cover up” to infiltrate mujahideen into combat, get forged documents and smuggle weapons.

In 2006, the Danish Institute for International Studies reported that Turkish security forces had raided the IHH’s Istanbul bureau and found firearms, explosives and bomb-making instructions, as well as records of calls to an al-Qaida guest house in Milan.

The Turkish investigators concluded this “charity” was sending jihadists to Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan, where Australian soldiers serve.

IHH has also been a long-time supporter of Hamas, listed in many countries as a terrorist group.

But this time it planned something more effective than an explosion. It decided to destroy Israel’s moral standing among its more fickle friends.

Its Mavi Marmara would now head a flotilla to break through the Israeli blockade of Gaza – or, rather, to provoke Israel into stopping it by force.

IHH head Bulent Yildirim gloated that this would be seen as “a declaration of war” against all the countries that supplied the flotilla’s passengers, which is why so many foreigners, and particularly sympathetic journalists such as the Sydney Morning Herald’s Paul McGeough, were on board, having been recruited from Australia, Britain, the US and many other countries that IHH and its allies hoped could be turned into enemies of Israel.

It was obvious Israel would stop the convoy. It had to: to relax the blockade once would be to open a corridor to yet more ships, giving Gaza yet another conduit for the smuggling of jihadists and militarily useful supplies.

Oh, and ignore soothing claims now that Hamas, which runs Gaza, should actually be negotiated with, rather than blockaded. Hamas fires rockets at Israeli civilians, and has a charter that calls for the destruction of Israel, declaring “there is no solution for the Palestinian question except through jihad”.

Indeed, jihad was also the spirit on the Mavi Marmara as it sailed for Gaza.

Those on board refused offers by Israel that they dock at an Israeli port so their aid could be checked and forwarded to Gaza. They rejected warnings to turn back. They prepared instead for a deadly confrontation.

Arab television showed one woman on board exulting: “We await one of two good things – to achieve martyrdom or reach the shore of Gaza.”

Added another passenger, Yemeni professor Abd al-Fatah Nu’man: “These are people who wish to be martyred for the sake of Allah. As much as they want to reach Gaza, the other option is more desirable to them.”

They got just what they wanted, then, as did Hamas and its chief backer, Iran.

Iran, needing attention distracted from its nuclear weapons program, pumped out instant YouTube footage of this Israeli “atrocity”.

Meanwhile Hamas spokesman Samil Abu Zuhri called for a global “intifada”: “We call on all Arabs and Muslims to rise up in front of Zionist embassies across the whole world.”

And in capital cities around Australia, we yesterday saw the new front open as angry demonstrators took the streets.

So what, you may scoff. A few of the usual hotheads.

But see this time how many of our politicians, journalists and “thinkers” are on the wrong side of this front.

See how willingly they’ve surrendered to an Islamist plot more effective than any Bali bomb.



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  1. Africa Addio

    So the eternal victims have been “out-victimed”
    for once. Difficult to sell an act of piracy and subsequent killings as the deed of victims. That the Israelis entered the ship with paintball guns sounds a fairy tale.

  2. @AA – why don't for once put yourself in Israel's shoes – they are surrounded by 150million muslims wanting to wipe them out. Would you not protect your people and want to see what the ships are bringing to your shores? Israel warned Turkey not to send any boats and they defied them to cause this confrontation. And if these boats were so harmless, why did they put up such a violent fight? They could have let the Israelis see that there was nothing to hide.

  3. @AA watch the videos. They were carrying paintball guns.

  4. I don't get it!!!
    How can you say : “That the Israelis entered the ship with paintball guns sounds a fairy tale”
    How can it be a fairy tell if there's solid proofs!!!
    Footage,videos…isn't it enough?
    You can clearly see how the soldiers were violently attacked, you can see how they use the paintball guns, and only after you see the “peace activist” stubbing them and shoot live fire at them, they use live fire too.

    It's like you're choosing to ignore the truth.
    Well. Keep your eyes closed. When They realize they own you (very soon) they will leave us and come to you. And you be probably sorry but it will be too late.

  5. Watch the video, the soldiers were armed with Paintball guns so as not to harm the “peaceful” demonstrators. They had loaded sidearms but were commanded not to use them. (You can see it at the 51 second point)

    Israel and the West continue to underestimate these groups. They have a political agenda that spreads beyond Israel and they killed over 70 of their own Muslim's the day before in Pakistan.

    Where was the world-wide protest against that?

  6. Member of the Tribe

    The IDF's tragic mistake was sending those boys in with paint guns. Israel needs to fight back without her arms tied behind her back. No more risking the lives of her brave soldiers and civilians in the vain hope of opening the eyes of the willingly blind.

    The AAs of the world believe that if they support the terrorists, they will be spared, right up to the moment they lose their head. Sorry, AA, if you're an infidel, no amount of Jew-hating will save you

  7. Unlawfully boarding a ship in international waters and subsequently taking on the roll of victims is not logical. Shouldn't have boarded the ships in the first place….

  8. Israel the only country in the Western world that supports democracy and protects the world against radical Islam

  9. The liberal jews supported the communist anc in south africa and the anc supported arrafat.
    The liberal jews the world over are causing trouble for everyone including Israel.
    The jews themselves must start taking care of their stupid liberal brothers.
    Jewish liberalism is coming back to haunt its greatest adherents.

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