USA: Ain’t diversity great!

Here are two cases of black men killing white women. One black is from Haiti and the other from Kenya – and the two white women were USA citizens. When are we going to learn that you can’t co-habit with these barbarians? How many more innocent people must die at the hands of this race before we’ve had enough?
Case #1 -Mr Illegal Haiti:

The Haitian national accused of killing a 31-year-old nursing student in her Henniker home was in the United States illegally and confessed to shooting her in the head after investigators showed him forensic evidence that linked him to the murder weapon, according to a newly unsealed police affidavit.

Roody Fleuraguste, 22, told investigators that he took a .357-caliber revolver belonging to Molly Hawthorn-MacDougall’s father-in-law, loaded it with six bullets and walked next door to her home at 18 Rand Road, where he shot her the morning of April 29, according to an affidavit filed by the state police to support an arrest warrant.

“I did it. . . . I did it,” Fleuraguste said, according to the court filing.

Relatives of Hawthorn-MacDougall were in court yesterday, as was Fleuraguste, who followed the proceedings through a Creole translator and didn’t speak.

His public defender, James Quay, didn’t take a position on whether to unseal the information.

Fleuraguste is charged with first-degree murder and faces a life sentence if convicted. He hasn’t yet been indicted by a grand jury, but Morrell has said the state doesn’t expect to seek different charges.

Hawthorn-MacDougall was dead when two friends arrived at her home about 11 a.m., according to the affidavit. They had spoken to her on the phone about a half hour earlier, the affidavit said.

At the time, her husband of nearly five years, Daniel Paul, and his father, also named Daniel Paul, were at a worksite in Contoocook with several other people, according to the affidavit.
Daniel Paul and Hawthorn-MacDougall lived at 18 Rand Road, off Colby Hill Road in Henniker. Next door, at 31 Rand Road, lived the elder Daniel Paul, his wife and his mother, 87-year-old Anna Lillian Paul.
Also living there was Ernst “Abdoul” Fleuraguste, 25, a legal U.S. resident from Haiti who had cared for Anna Lillian Paul in exchange for room and board for about two months. His half-brother, Roody Fleuraguste, had been staying there about a week.

Roody Fleuraguste was in the United States illegally, according to the affidavit. His temporary resident visa had expired Feb. 18, the affidavit said.

He had been due to return to Haiti for “some sort of hearing in early May,” his brother told the police, but their father was able to delay the hearing until later in the summer, according to the affidavit.

Their father and two sisters live in Brockton, Mass.

Fleuraguste told the police he went to Hawthorn-MacDougall’s house with the gun and told her he had hurt his leg, according to the affidavit. He recounted that she asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, the affidavit said, to which he replied no but told her he wanted a drink of water.

As Hawthorn-MacDougall drew him a glass of water, Fleuraguste said in the affidavit, he pulled out the gun and pointed it at her head.

“What are you doing? . . . What are you doing? . . . Get out of my house,” she said after turning around, according to the affidavit.

He then shot her once, returned next door and put the gun, shell casing and unused bullets back in their original locations, according to the affidavit.

Fleuraguste told the police he was thinking of killing Hawthorn-MacDougall when he took the gun and loaded it, but not as he walked to her home, according to the affidavit.

She was two weeks from graduating from NHTI in Concord with a nursing degree when she was killed.

Case #2 – Mr “Legal” Kenya:

BRENTWOOD, N.H. — A man has been charged with stabbing and killing the mother of his son.

Police found Randi Huntley, 25, suffering from stab wounds near her home in Danville, N.H., on Tuesday afternoon. She died a short time later.

According to court paperwork, investigators believe Huntley died after being repeatedly stabbed and/or hit with a metal hammer, and she may have been run over by a car.

On Wednesday, police charged Jackson Mwangi, 28, with first-degree murder. He was arraigned in Exeter District Court, but no motive for the killing was discussed.

Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley said afterward that at one point, Mwangi and Huntley had been romantically involved. Mwangi and Huntley had a 4-year-old son together but were no longer a couple.

He also said that Mwangi, a Kenyan national, is in the country legally, although he couldn’t say how long he had been in the United States. Investigators said they believe Mwangi, whose birthday was Tuesday, acted alone.

“Murder in the first degree is a pretty high charge, but as our investigation develops, there may be additional charges,” he said.



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