Barriers persist for Ontario visible minorities, report finds

I’m not quite sure what a “visible minority” is. Does that mean that some are invisible? Anyway, back to this stupid article – apparently, minorities in Ontario – especially women minorities – are poor because they aren’t white! It’s pathetic, ring-through-the-nose articles like these that get my blood boiling. When, oh when are people going to stop using race as a reason why they don’t live like the Jones’ and get a life! The more people blame everthing but the obvious, the more the lie is perpetuated and ultimately taken as gospel. Looks like Affirmative Action is on the cards for Ontario. Come and get some of dem apples Ontario!

Visible minorities in Ontario are far more likely to live in poverty, face higher unemployment and receive less pay, says a new report.

And women are worse off because sexism and racial discrimination pack a “double wallop,” says the study released Thursday by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

“The findings in this study point to the overwhelming need for governments to step in with policies to help break down racial and gender barriers,” says Sheila Block, a researcher with the centre.

Based on data collected in 2005, which formed the basis of the 2006 census, the report found working women from visible minorities earned about half as much as men who were not from visible minorities.

Visible minorities had an unemployment rate of 8.7 per cent in 2005, compared with 5.8 per cent for the rest of Ontario workers.

The study also found that visible-minority families are three times more likely to live in poverty.

The report follows projections in March from Statistics Canada which suggested visible minorities could become the majority of the population in Toronto in about 30 years.

The agency says 63 per cent of the population would be from a visible minority by 2031, up from 43 per cent in the 2006 census.

Overall, Statistics Canada says visible minorities would account for one-third of the country’s population by that time.



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  1. Visible minorities = invisible whites one day!

  2. holy shit!

    what a load of propaganda – half these people have only been in the country a few years, what are they expecting exactly? “visible minority” women are more likely to be stuck at home with four children than white Canadian ones.

    Why is money being wasted on this know-nothing “research”?
    when the lowest paid jobs are done by “visible minorities” what do they think will happen to the average wage for that group?

    These morons really have NO clue.

  3. @TJ – agree. I just can't stand these liberals and their stupid brainwashing studies. When are we going to see some common sense studies? When that happens I'll stop blogging about people and their stupidity.

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