US: Another White-Race Hater Celeb Adopts Non-White Baby

Katherine Heigl went out and got herself a Korean baby, probably because she’s just too lazy to have her own. It’s also trendy at the moment to reject anything that is White – even though she’s gone to lengths to say it ain’t so. Mmmmm – the lady doth protest too much. Do these celebs know that these “cute” babies grow up and then they ain’t so “cute” anymore?

Katherine Heigl did not adopt daughter Naleigh because it was “trendy”.

The Killers star says she is “very grateful” to have the 10-month-old baby in her life, and admits her mother’s decision to adopt Korean child Meg when she was little helped her inform her choice.

The 31-year-old actress said: “It’s so funny. My mum and I joke about it when people say ‘You’re just doing it because it’s trendy’.”

“My mum says ‘Well, I’m trendier than everybody because I was doing it in the 1970s when I adopted your sister.’

“I’m very grateful for this little being in my life. I’m very grateful she’s my daughter. I’m so grateful we found each other.”

The former Grey’s Anatomy actress is rumoured to be looking to adopt two more twins from Korea.

Discussing her husband Josh Kelley, Katherine admits she is surprised she still loves him after more than four years of married life.

According to the Metro, Katherine said: “I’m still so infatuated with him. We’ve been together four and a half years so you’d think by now it would start to feel a little bit calm but I still think he’s so hot and so sexy and he’s a great dad.”

Recently the Hollywood leading lady revealed she was worried about having biological children in the future because of the possibility of leaving a child without a mother.

She said: “Maybe we’ll have four or five kids. We’ll see how two go. Two could throw me right over the edge.

“We’ve talked about biological children, and we haven’t ruled it out. But I would like to adopt again. It’s a little bit hard for me.

“If I have a biological child, is there a child now who will go without a mum?”



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  1. I had to post a comment, because I see you have almost none. This could be because a)nobody cares about what you have to say b) you are a cretin c) you are completely irrelevant or d)all of the above.

  2. Sticks and stones….

  3. Agreed – another SHW (self-hating white) – why would you want to look into slanting eyes and black hair when you are blue-eyed blonde? Aren't there anymore Prada bags around? It's difficult enough contending with the traits and mannerisms of your parents and seeing them in your child – not to mention your grand-parents and great-grandparents – whose traits rear their ugly head. What about an Asian child who has idolatry and witchcraft in their DNA? Their are plenty of white orphans but of course – that would be politically incorrect and you love being labelled liberal and lefty.

  4. Ahhahahah. WTF? Witchcraft… in their dna? ::facepalm::
    This *is* a joke site right?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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