Wind farm owners get fee to switch off turbines in heavy winds

This is what green jobs are going to do to PC countries. Spain has shown that for each green job created, two private sector jobs are lost. Spain is now fighting bankruptcy. Spain has been bailing out its green industries with…tax payer money for the last decade (it’s easy to spend when it’s not your money hey?). France has proven that nuclear energy is the answer, but of course we can’t offend the greeny liberal idiots around the world (including here in Australia) so the world persists with this ineffectual wind turbine nonsense. And guess what? When the wind is too strong and the turbines need to be switched off, the company is going to get paid to hit that switch. So, not only do we as tax payers have to pay more for energy to fund these loony programs, we also get to pay when there is no energy produced! Aint that grand?

Owners of wind farms will be paid to switch off their turbines and stop generating electricity if it gets too windy.

National Grid says the payments are essential to prevent the supply of electricity from overloading the network.

In a test run last month, Scottish Power was paid £13,000 for shutting down one wind farm for an hour and cutting the output of another.

Critics of wind farms described the payments – which are passed on to customers’ bills – as bizarre and said they highlighted the problems of relying on intermittent wind power.

To keep the lights on across Britain, National Grid has constantly to match the demand for electricity with supply.

Much of the demand is predicted from weather forecasts and TV schedules. But to cope with sudden changes in weather or plant failures, National Grid also relies on the ‘balancing mechanism’ – ordering producers to increase or reduce output on a minute-by-minute basis.

Until now this has involved coal and gas-fired power stations but as Britain becomes increasingly reliant on green energy, National Grid also wants wind farms to take part.



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