Australia: Julia Gillard to be Australia’s first female PM after Kevin Rudd quits

So, Rudd is gone as Prime Minister of Australia and in is place we have a tough communist female. Gillard is tainted with the excess spending on her “school building revolution” and I hope the Ozzies see this. This whole debacle has just shown the Australian people that the unions are running the Labour Party. How quaint and communist. Prepare for more “redistribution” of our wealth…

JULIA Gillard will become Australia’s first female Prime Minister after she won a stunning leadership contest against Kevin Rudd this morning.

In a historic decision, Labor MPs decided to oust Mr Rudd, who will go down in history as the first Prime Minister ever to be turfed out by his party – within his first term of winning power.

The leadership handover occurred without a ballot after Mr Rudd decided not to force his supporters into declaring their support.

“I feel very honoured,” a smiling Ms Gillard said as she emerged from the meeting.

The victory of the Welsh-born 49-year-old was assured last night after most of the Rudd Government ministers – including Treasurer Wayne Swan – decided to oust Mr Rudd as the Labor leader.

A confident Ms Gillard, flanked by the Treasurer who will become her deputy, walked into the Caucus meeting confident she had the numbers to defeat Mr Rudd.

Ms Gillard – and the man she ousted as national leader – addressed a dazed Labor partyroom.

Mr Rudd – who won power in 2007 with the popular Kevin 07 campaign – bowed to pressure from his colleagues and withdrew from the contest, assuring Ms Gillard’s ascension to the leadership.

Mr Rudd’s decision to stand aside came as he lost the backing of key factional brokers – and powerful unions including the Australian Workers Union – after ALP powerbrokers formed the view that the Government was heading for defeat unless it changed leaders.

But a series of political mistakes – including ditching the emissions trading scheme and rolling out a new 40 per cent “super” profits take on the mining sector – saw a collapse in Mr Rudd’s and Labor’s vote.

The first female PM after 109 years of Federation will be sworn-in by the nation’s first Governor-general Quentin Bryce.

It is unclear whether Ms Gillard will call an election before the end of the year. It is not technically due until April next year.



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