Australia: Rugby league referees need lesson in culture

So, because some Islander boys don’t know how to “control” their emotions, the Caucasion referees need to take culture lessons? Yeah, that makes sense. Hey – how about the Islander boys learn how to act in polite society? Or, better yet, go back to your Polynesian Islands and play amongst yourselves. Maybe its time to introduce a White league and an “Other” league and each gets their own referees from their race seeing as we don’t “understand” them and they “don’t have respect” for the Whiteys. Just a thought…

RUGBY league referees should take compulsory culture lessons to learn how to deal with Polynesian and Lebanese footy players.

Pacific islanders have been blamed by some refs for an increase in junior footy violence.

But Sydney Samoan Council representative Richard David, a former Western Suburbs district player, said caucasian referees did not know how to handle other cultural groups.

“When they walk out on to the pitch some of them don’t realise that comments they make to the players could be hurtful to them,” Mr David said.

“They also don’t realise some of the islander boys don’t have respect for them from kick-off and that sometimes manifests in violence.”

Mr David said it was difficult for some islanders to control their emotions: “The Polynesian instinct is very different to a European’s. Our nature is not to speak and talk through our feelings, it’s about the physical emotion and sometimes that can manifest in different ways.

“I think it’s unfair to pinpoint the Pacific Islander community but I admit there is a problem when it comes to communication.”

Parramatta Referees Association president and NRL referee Alan Shortall said he was holding talks with Parramatta district junior rugby league president Terry Rose and Parramatta seniors boss Paul Osborne after previously threatening strike action.

“Our members have been the victims of a number of serious and unsavoury incidents,” he said.

“Any incident that impacts on the recruitment will place in jeopardy the ability to provide competent and confident referees whose aim is to ensure the safe participation for all concerned.”

Mr Shortall said he was hopeful that the ARL and Parramatta district would implement fresh measures to limit the number of assaults on his referees.



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  1. So the ethnics have no self control and it’s the referees fault?! Now isn’t that a classic case of a group admitting that they are juvenile to the point of blaming someone else for their own behaviour. Rules are rules and if any particular group can’t abide by those rules then they are not fit to participate. Simple as that.

  2. It is the Polynesian and Lebanese footy players or anyone from that culture or any other culture prone to that sort of behaviour who should be taking compulsory culture lessons to learn how to deal with our western culture, they are the ones who should be taught how to “speak and talk through their feelings” as Richard David puts it, why should we have to kowtow to the minority, they are in our backyard so they should learn to play by our rules.

  3. Jack of Tweed

    “The Polynesian instinct is very different to a European’s. Our nature is not to speak and talk through our feelings, it’s about the physical emotion and sometimes that can manifest in different ways.”

    I can translate this – “We can’t control ourselves.”

  4. *Phew* Than heavens for that. For a moment, I thought it might be their fault. I should’ve realised that we’re white, so it’s ours. Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. Racists are only white. The others can be excused.

  6. African attacks Sydney politician …
    MP Paul Gibson king hit in McDonald's car park at Thornleigh

    “I could hear him say: 'This is how we do it in America, this is how we do it in America'. How he didn't kill me I don't know.”

  7. Its got nothing to do with Referees needing a lesson in culture, this is about certain teams needing to lear self control. Rugby League is supposed to be an game, something to enjoy, something to participate in not a brawling contest, so it is not the referees fault they are there to do there job, and the players need to do theres which is cut the shit and play the game the way it supposed to be played.

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