UK: Six-figure hypocrisy of the 40 union fatcats

Unions are the bane of working people. They are responsible for imposing work laws that impede economic growth throughout countries that allow them to operate. They take their members money and live the high life, always ready to scapegoat the rich  and wanting to redistribute your wealth to those THEY deem less fortunate. They also see fit to support any political party that will further THEIR cause. How do they do this? Why, with their members money of course. That people can fall for this farce is amazing. I have NEVER belonged to a Union, nor will I ever.


 A working class hero is something to be: Union leaders Dave Prentis and Bob Crow are both raking in more than £100,000-a-year

They berate the rich and vow to fight for the working classes.

Yet Bob Crow, Dave Prentis and almost 40 other union bosses are themselves raking in pay packages worth more than £100,000.

A report into trade union leaders’ pay has found that many earn more than four times the average salary. Some come close to the Prime Minister’s £142,500.

Critics says that for those on such earnings to call for strikes and higher taxes is hypocritical.

One of the biggest earners is Bob Crow, the militant general secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union.

His total package is £105,679, which includes a basic salary of £79,564 and benefits of £26,115.

Only this week Mr Crow called on other trade unions to launch ‘a sustained campaign of generalised strikes’ to fight the Government’s ‘fiscal fascism’.

In a ‘call to arms’, he told members: ‘We say, “Don’t fear them. Fight them”. Our trade union has a slogan, “Never on our knees”.

‘We want those words to ring out on the Millionaire’s Row of Clegg and Cameron. They started this fight with the working class and we are up for it.’

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, enjoys salary and benefits of £127,436, the report said.

Mr Prentis recently warned that the Government ‘won’t know what hit them’ when members protest at the prospect of a pay freeze and the threat of pension cuts.

Yesterday, Unison said that Mr Prentis, recently appointed for his third five-year term, ‘is worth every penny that he is paid – and it is not taxpayers’ money’.

A spokesman said: ‘He has 1,500 staff, a turnover of around £160million and has a lot of meetings with chief executives who are paid in the gazillions.’

The statistics were compiled by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, based on official figures filed by the unions in their annual returns.

Its chief executive Matthew Elliott said: ‘It is hypocritical for firebrand trade union leaders to be calling for strikes and higher taxes while they themselves live a life of well-paid luxury.

‘It is small wonder that they are not worried about the tax burden or the national debt when they are so well-off.’

Matt Wrack, of the Fire Brigades Union, received a total package of £115,804.

Mark Serwotka, of the Public and Commercial Services Union, earned £111,112.

Pay packages could be even higher today, as the figures are based on the 2008-09 returns and some may have had pay rises since.


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