Affirmative action makin’ Dallas cops proud!

Ain’t affirmative action grand? The USA will learn one day (like we have in South Africa) that you can dress them up but you can’t take them to town (unless in handcuffs and with a police escort).

About a month and a half ago, Dallas hired a new (black) police chief, David Brown. Brown’s son, 26 year old David Brown, Jr was a convicted drug dealer, and Brown told the press that he was proud of his son in spite of “some mistakes” he’d made, because he had learned from his mistakes, and was a much better person for having made them.

Less than a month later, David Brown, Jr made a couple more “mistakes” – he shot a man to death in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster, and when cops responded, he shot one of them to death, before being killed himself.

Then, last Friday, a top Dallas police official ordered motorcycle cops to provide a police escort to the funeral of the cop killer, “out of respect for the chief.”

Now the DPD has fired a black officer, Jeffrey Thorn, for picking up a prostitute and telling her he was going to take her to jail if she didn’t perform oral sex on him. He did this in the squad car, with the car’s audio recording system recording everything. Obviously, a real genius.

After being fired, he was arrested.

Fired and arrested?! With the way things are going in the Dallas Police Department, I’m surprised he wasn’t promoted.

Affirmative action is really working out well in Dallas.

The new police chief was hired in spite of his own son being a convicted drug dealer.

He thinks dealing drugs is merely a “mistake.”

Now Dallas’s chief of police is not only father to a drug dealer, but also to a cop killer.

Dallas police provided a funeral escort for a cop killer.

And now we find out they’re hiring cops so stupid they commit felonies knowing they’re being recorded by HQ.

Thanks Martin Luther King!



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  1. This story is reminiscent of multiple similar stories to the recent one about the married “African-American” athletic director at the University of Georgia who was arrested for DUI with his whtie ho'.

  2. @Joe – did you see the article I posted on that athletic director? Unbelievable. But then, with a salary like his he obviously thinks he's above the common man (and his wife).

  3. i applied for LAPD and they rejected me from the app. process the first chance they got, didnt even let me get an interview, even though i have a squeaky clean record, and an honorable discharge from the marines with a deployment to iraq, and 10 points veterans preference. But they hired my friend, who was in the marines with me, who was black. Then I apply to dallas pd, i went to the initial application class, there were 20 dallas police officers walking around helping us fill out the papers, 18 of them were black. I had my dd214 from the military, clean record, and guess what? I was “rejected” again. BY THE WAY I AM A WHITE MALE. so go figure. Affirmative action is racism towards whites, you know for a fact if they were giving white people bonus points for being white, you KNOW black people would throw a fit, and call it racism. Its good to know skin color bonus points overrides veteran bonus points. And when you hire people based only on their stupid skin shade, then your not hiring the best for the job, and when that happens you get idiots like this cop in your department. Oh well blacks were discriminated against 100 years ago, i guess its just white peoples turn now. good to know. now people like me who were born to be cops, born to have the skills and assets to be great officers, are now being forced to live a wasted life because our destiny cant be completed, because of our skin color. but yep, put a black in power, and he will only hire other blacks, its racist, but all they have to do is call it “black pride” and its ok all of a sudden. with the economy like it is, PDs only hire once in a blue moon, and when they DO hire, they give preference to minorities, so us white males are sh*t out of luck. its sad, really, and it breaks my heart to see the country that i fought for in iraq, is now becoming so pathetic, and i will watch dallas pd, just like lapd, become one of the most corrupt PDs in america. Affirmative action is wrong, ONLY RACISTS CONSIDER RACE.

  4. @Anon 13:50 – sorry to hear about all your troubles. Is is FRUSTRATING and we can do nothing about it. It's only going to get worse the longer it carries on because they want to prove that it works – which it doesn't. Only problem is that once the rot sets in you can't get rid of it and people start fleeing. Then they follow. What to do?

  5. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

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