North Miami mayor invites 55,000 Haitians to settle in his city

So, this stupid Mayor thinks that letting 55 000 Haitians settle in his city shouldn’t be a problem. The city only has 60 000 residents, so doubling this number up with another 55 000 Black, unemployed, ungrateful crime vessels aint a problem. Yish….Oh BTW, the Mayor – he’s an ex-Haitian.

NORTH MIAMI BEACH — Mayor Andre Pierre says 55,000 Haitians waiting for visas to the United States are welcome to settle in his city, WFOR-Ch. 4 reports.

Pierre, a Haitian-American immigrant and lawyer, said he did not think the sudden influx of people from earthquake-ravaged Haiti would be a burden on his city of about 60,000 residents.

Pierre’s offer to the White House has gotten a mixed reaction in North Miami Beach. The City Council has not extended its own invitation.

Some residents said they were concerned about the current unemployment rate and lack of space to accommodate thousands of arrivals.


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