Australia: Bashed over a lighter

The Australian police are particularly PC when it comes to naming a race of a criminal (except if he/she is white of course). This is apparently to prevent race hatred against minorities. It’s quite funny really, when you hear on the radio/TV that they’re looking for a male who is wearing jeans and a blue top. Ok – righto – that could be my neighbour. If they refined their description a little more then maybe the public could actually try and help them out! Of course, this also distorts the crime stats in the city as they don’t report the race of the criminals….so PC for no ones benefit.

Melbourne – Police last night were closing in on three suspects in the brutal bashing of two men at a railway station on Saturday night.

The three men were waiting on the city-bound platform at Noble Park station about 11.10pm when they were approached by two men asking for a lighter.

The attackers, believed to be of African descent, walked with the pair through an underpass where one of the victims, 22, was punched to the ground and a third attacker arrived, kicking the victim in the head. The victim’s 21-year-old friend attempted to intervene but was punched several times in the head.

The 22-year-old was taken to The Alfred hospital suffering multiple facial fractures and a possible fractured skull.

His friend was taken to Dandenong Hospital with a suspected broken jaw.

The attackers fled in a white hatchback car.

The assault mimics a sickening incident at Sunshine station last year in which a man was knocked unconscious in an underpass by three men, all African refugees, who repeatedly punched and kicked him in the head.

Footage of Saturday night’s incident is being reviewed by transit police.

The three attackers remained at large yesterday, although detectives were confident of interviewing a suspect last night.

The violence comes just a week after an attack in the CBD in which up to four African men attacked a lone youth outside a nightclub.

The gang attempted to rob him and assaulted him before bashing him a second time after he followed them. At least two suspects were charged.

Police would not release CCTV footage of the attack or details of where it occurred despite some of the perpetrators still being at large late last week.

Sources have told the Herald Sun senior police do not want publicity regarding crimes involving minority (ethnic) groups because it could inflame race debate.

Victoria Police denied this.

The latest assault comes despite a police blitz on the Dandenong area in 2007-08 instigated after the murder of Sudanese gang member Liep Gony in a Noble Park street.

Victoria Police set up Sarazan Taskforce, which focused on north African youth gangs. In five months, 276 people were arrested and charged with 280 offences.



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