Australia: Hero killed saving family

Reading about this incident over the week-end brought back memories of the type of crime South Africa experiences daily. See what diversity and multi-cultural idiocy brings to the unsuspecting…

Hat tip: Michael

CONFRONTED by four home invaders armed with machetes, knives and an axe, Kesley Burgess locked his girlfriend and mother in a bedroom, told them he loved them and turned to try to fight off the attackers. He had no chance.

The 25-year-old security guard was mercilessly struck down and repeatedly cut and stabbed.

He died of horrific injuries in hospital on Friday night following the apparently random attack at the family home in Clingan Ave, Lurnea, late on Thursday.

More than 100 friends and family took turns to say goodbye to him in Liverpool Hospital on Friday night. Family members said his last whispered words came at 9.30pm: “I’m passing out, Mum. I love you.”

The attack happened about 11.45pm after the family had been celebrating the 20th birthday of Mr Burgess’s younger brother, Jacob.

A few minutes after Jacob had left the house, there was a knock at the door, older brother Terrence, 29, told The Sunday Telegraph.

Inside were Kesley, 25, his long-time girlfriend Krystal McLaughlin, 25, his mother, Tracey, 49, and his stepfather, Garry, 56.

Kesley and his partner had been living at the Lurnea house to try to save money for their own home.

“Garry undid the latch and they kicked the door in,” Terrence Burgess said.

After knocking Garry to the ground, the gang targeted Kesley’s mother, slicing her hand with a machete as she tried to escape.

“Kesley locked his mum and girlfriend in the bedroom, told them he loved them, and then went and fought them all,” Terrence said.

“To his family and friends, he died a hero.”

The gang also slashed the family’s pet dog, though it survived.

The robbers fled soon after making off with Mrs Burgess’s handbag.

It contained a few items, including car keys and a wallet containing her pension money.

“Kesley died for a handbag,” Terrence said.

“There was nothing there to take. They stole her pension money.”

Police said the attackers were not known to the family. They said they were searching for four men of Islander appearance but the family described two of the invaders as being of Lebanese descent, another as Caucasian and the fourth of African appearance.

Terrence said the attack was completely unprovoked. “This could have been anyone’s family.”

Returning to the crime scene yesterday, Mrs Burgess said her life had been torn apart by the tragedy.

“It would have been kinder if they had walked in and just shot him,” she said.

Instead, the group went on a rampage against Kesley, using an axe and machete on his arms and legs.The Burgess family is now making an emotional plea for justice, anyone with further information being urged to come forward.

“Come forward, anyone who knows anything, do the right thing – for my brother,” Terrence said.

“They’re gutless. Their day is coming.”



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