Limelite overseas on business

To my fellow bloggers and readers – I am currently overseas on business and will have limited opportunity to post regularly due to restricted access to the net (unforseen). In the meantime, please email any tips to: I should be back blogging at full capacity on 19 July….


About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. enjoy, Lime – and hope to have you back soon!

  2. Lucky bastard! I have such an itch to go to
    Europe again. Private schooling for my two kids, however, sucks up all such monies. C'est la vie!!!!!!!!!

  3. LL,

    I came across this great quote from Charles Darwin (did I get it from your blog???), and thought it would quite appropriate to post it under the “Detroit: The Once Great Shining City Upon a Hill” article. (See my 14/7/10 13:38 post.) It's a good one, as it provides basic answers to a plethora of questions.

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