South Africa: New Website for reporting farm murders and White crime

A large number of lethal and non-lethal armed attacks against Whites were logged on during the Soccer World Cup 2010 official news-blackout period. Wonder how long it will take for the ANC government to shut the website down?

From May 1 2010 to July 20 2010 the new site has thus far recorded 119 farm attacks and 51 armed attacks targetting ‘whites’ in cities and towns – and new previously unreported incidents are still coming to light.

Cluster of attacks in North West province:

During this period, when many hundreds of foreign journalists were in South Africa to report about the international football tournament, the ANC-regime had put in place an extensive ban against publishing details of violent-crimes – and the SA Police’s crime-reports concentrated only on publishing crimes where suspects had been arrested.

It is however important to note that is a new site and all the farm-attack statistics are still being input – a process expected to take several months.

The majority of farm attacks during the May 1 to July 20 2010 period showed that clustered attacks took place in North West province, where farmers were well-organised and able to put up a defence, and arrested some of the attackers: amongst the arrested people were South African police officers who in each case were using SAPS-issue material to assist in the attacks. One North West farmer was murdered in this cluster of attacks.In an extraordinary development, a South African exile contacted us with the information that his elderly mother,. Mrs Johanna Magrietha Smit, below, was murdered on a North West smallholding near Wolmaransstad on July 4 2010: her son-in-law and daughter, who now live in the USA with their children, sent us a copy of Mrs Smit’s official death-certificate , details of the way in which she had been tortured to death, and her photograph four days before the SA Police Service had issued any press statement about this farm-murder.  (The 76 year old Afrikaans lady was tied to a chair and a plastic bag was pulled over her head. Nothing was stolen – LL)

Wine-estates in Western Cape targetted:
Other clusters occurred around the Franschhoek area, targetting wine-estates. One Franschhoek woman’s murder may not be related to this cluster of farm attacks however until her husband who was arrested for her murder has actually been tried in a court of law, this is yet to be established. The majority of rural attacks however targetted smallholders around the greater Pretoria smallholdings where many working-class Afrikaners are living.



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