For FARC’s sake: Chavez breaks ties with Colombia

I’m sure Colombia is going to have sleepless nights now that Dictator Chavez has broken diplomatic ties with them. However are they going to survive? I predict pretty well actually. Venezuela needs Colombia more than Colombia needs them. Due to Chavez’ fantastic socialist policies the country and economy have ground to a halt. They rely on Colombia for most of their basic foodstuffs like milk. How do I know this? I have a Colombian friend who knows exactly what’s going on between the two countries and Chavez has only broken diplomatic ties now because he knows the in-coming Colombian President-elect Juan Manuel Santos won’t tolerate him and has jumped before being pushed. Venezuelans are fleeing their country due to Chavez – but unfortunately he won’t be ousted any time soon (ala Mugabage). Dictator’s never are…As for Maradona – Castro II?

Caught red-handed right in the FARC terrorist camp, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s reaction today was to sever diplomatic ties with Colombia.

Facing accusations of harboring as many as 87 FARC camps that are used to smuggle cocaine and launch terrorist attacks across the border, Chavez threw another of his signature tantrums by going on state television.

At a special meeting today of the Organization of American States, Colombia’s government had presented televised photos of a rebel commander guzzling a bottle of Venezuela’s Polar beer and other shocking evidence it said indicates the presence of as many as 1,500 FARC terrorists inside Colombia’s next door neighbour.

It did not go unnoticed by Canada Free Press (CFP) friends at Bogota Free Planet (BFP) that at the very moment Chavez announced on state television that he was cutting diplomatic ties with Colombia, a grinning former Argentina soccer captain Diego Maradona was flanking Chavez.

“He came on like Judas Maradona,” is how BFP put it.

Macho Maradona turned to Colombia to be treated for his obesity with gastric bypass surgery in 2005.

Cuba has been one of Hand-of-God 1986 World Cup goal Maradona’s homes for drug rehabilitation for his cocaine addiction. His politics can be seen by the Fidel Castro tattoo on his left leg, and in case anyone would doubt his leanings, he sports a tattoo of “fellow Argentine” Che Guevara on his right arm.

Nor is the grin in his televised picture today difficult to read. “I believe in Chavez, I am Chavista. Everything Fidel does, everything Chavez does, for me is best.” (

Well, Senor Maradona, Chavez is backing a group of hardline Marxist terrorists, who keep in jungle captivity, hundreds of kidnapped Colombians.

Former paratrooper Chavez isn’t owning up to his support of the FARC terrorists, blaming instead outgoing President Alvaro Uribe’s desire to “provoke” a war. He said he hopes to improve already strained ties with Colombia when President-elect Juan Manuel Santos takes office Aug. 7, although he expressed doubt that Uribe’s former defense minister will adopt a less belligerent stance.

“It’s difficult to think that the president-elect didn’t have knowledge of this aggression,” said Chavez, after putting troops along the border on maximum alert. “The days ahead are going to be very dangerous.”

The days ahead are going to be very dangerous for FARC as far as President-elect Santos is concerned. Santos told FARC “The time is up for the FARC” when he was elected last month.

Luis Alfonso Hoyos, Colombia’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, called Chavez a “dictator” at today’s special meeting of the Washington-based organization, urging the body of 35 Western Hemisphere nations to send a commission to Venezuela to investigate the harboring FARC claims.

“They eat fried pork and get fat in order to rest before launching attacks in Colombia,” Hoyos said during a speech broadcast on CNN en Espanol, while showing images of what he said was a rebel drinking Venezuelan beer at a beach in the neighbouring country.

While Chavez denies giving the FARC support, he has repeatedly called on the European Union and other governments to stop classifying the group as terrorists.

Meanwhile, as far as the “Hand of God”, “Arm of Guevara”, “Leg of Castro”, best bud of Chavez Diego Maradona is concerned, might arguably the best team in soccer be looking to replace arguably the worst coach in history?

Look Mom – I idolise a mass-murderer



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