Spotted on the streets of Chicago

Uh O. You know His Excellency Presidency is in trouble if people are driving around the streets of Chicago with the messages seen in the photo below.

Of course, according to the ever post-racial Shirley Sherrod, this might as well be a KKKlan mobile.

Note to other “post-racial” racists: People don’t object to His Excellency Presidency because Obama is black. They oppose Obama because he is red.



About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

Posted on 2 August 2010, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Red White and Blue is the new “racist”, Greens are the new reds and Purples are the new BROWNS!!!!

  2. The van is owned by a construction worker, the most endangered spiecies in America, unless you are illegal and will work for half wages. I know, as I am one. Until the Liar-in-Chief gets kicked out of office, my life and my families will continue to spiral out of control. And I thought that Dems were the party of the working man when actually they are equal to us, just a little more equal.

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