Finland: Police Want to Get Hands on Fingerprint Registry

I just don’t get it. Why should lawmakers be reluctant to give their police force access to the passport fingerprint registry? It seems that law abiding citizens never get to be put first ahead of the rights of criminals. This is what is so frustrating about governments – it seems that they never look out for their tax payer and instead champion the rights of the law breakers. Makes you sick.

Police want access to a registry of fingerprints taken during the passport application process. Police say the registry would help them solve crimes. Within ten years, every person who applies for a passport in Finland will have their prints in the registry.

Over the past year, nearly half a million people in Finland have been fingerprinted for the national passport registry. This is due to an EU mandate that calls on passport applicants to provide biometric information to authenticate their identity.

Now police want to be given access to the fingerprint registry to help in criminal investigations.

“Police think the registry could be used to help solve crimes like homicides, violent sexual assaults and drug crimes,” says National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero.

Currently police can only use the registry to try to help determine the identity of a deceased person, and only if other means are not available.

Getting access to the registry requires a change in the law –something lawmakers seem reluctant to do. However, Paatero says he hopes that the next parliament will take up the issue.


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