Conn. shooter was selling beer to 3rd party

In case you missed this story last week, here is a quick summary. Black employee shoots and kills 8 White fellow workers and then kills himself. Shooter blames racism for “snap”. Well, here is the real story. Seems like our discriminated-against shooter was caught on camera with his Black paw in the till and was asked to resign – the same day he conveniently also packed a gun in his lunch box (if this isn’t premeditated murder then I don’t know what is). He then shot and killed 8 co-workers (all White) and blamed racism. This despite the fact that he’d never ever laid a racism complaint in all the time he worked at the company. Wonder who was the racist?? Oh, and his girlfriend is White and backs his story of racism up….

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. — The president of a beer distribution company says the employee who went on a shooting rampage there had been systematically stealing beer and selling it to a third party.

Ross Hollander, president of Hartford Distributors in Manchester, said the investigation into thefts by warehouse driver Omar Thornton led to a disciplinary hearing Tuesday in which Thornton was forced to resign.

Thornton then snapped, fatally shooting eight and wounding two others before killing himself.

His family and girlfriend say his anger was fueled by racism.

But Hollander said Thornton, who was black, had been “embraced as a member of our team” and that there had been no complaints by him or anyone else against the company for racism.



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