South Africa: ‘A divided country’

A good open letter posted by MarkM on the News24 website. This post captures just what is going wrong in South Africa under the ANC government – but which the world and the South African Black population choose to ignore. Now that the Soccer World Cup has come to an end, the real South African story is being reported again. The ANC have now made the press the current whipping boy to apportion blame for their governance failings and are trying to muzzle them. As the author correctly points out, controlling the media is the pre-cursor of a one-party state/Dictatorship. How do you like them apples? And to think people thought Apartheid was evil and unfair! The ANC is going to make Apartheid look like a walk in the park…

The spat developing between pro and anti-ANC factions on this forum has enabled many of us to voice our concerns and I would like to contribute, if I may.

We are obviously an even more divided country today than we were 16 years ago and that is entirely due to the ANC’s brand of divide and rule politics. Whereas they served their purpose as a struggle party because they and their followers had a common goal, today they struggle to govern as they have no clear policy, nor indeed idea how to.

Their strategy of alienating all who disagree with them – a la Mbeki and his supporters – has weakened them and their internal factionalism is merely exacerbating the problem.

The result is that today they are purely a band of thieves, much like Mugabe and his lot, attempting to pocket as much as possible before all collapses around them, knowing full well that inevitably it must.

It has become glaringly obvious that they have no solutions to the growing number of problems they create every time they do make a decision.

They can do nothing about unemployment, they are poorly led and then by someone of dubious moral standards (Zuma), they have not the resources – nor funds – to ensure service delivery, their appointed ministers are generally inept and ineffectual, their socialistic attempt to buy voters by handing out grants is economically ruinous and their attempts to redirect blame and culpability in all directions are so transparent as to be ridiculous.

Add to this the fact that they are allowing a hot-headed and poorly educated fool lead the youth (Malema) to who knows where and we must ask ourselves what is to be done before we go where Zim has gone?

There is only one solution, unpalatable as it may be for their long-suffering supporters, and that is that the vote of confidence given them in the last election must be withdrawn.

SA deserves better governance and it is up to the voters to ensure that this happens.

Their current attempts to muzzle the media are a clear indication of their growing desperation and we would be well advised to watch for what happens next. Control of the media is always a precursor to a one-party state and that now must be their sole objective if they are to “rule until Jesus comes”.



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