Australia: Julia Gillard speaks off the cuff…..with notes

You just have to wonder why they feel the need to lie about something so mundane. With less than 5 days to go until the Australian people go to the voting polls (to hopefully vote these idiots out), the current Labor Prime Minister launched her party’s election campaign (even though she’s been campaigning for the last 4 weeks at tax payer expense). During her speech, much was made by the biased media about how she gave her speech off the cuff – with no notes!! Wow, to think that would impress most people in Australia! Anyway, nearly every newspaper and TV news show reported this in some form or other. But, wait, you say! No, it couldn’t be. You mean there is actual footage of one of her stage hands placing her speech on the podium whilst everyone wasn’t looking? Yes! In fact, there is and I’ve posted the clip for you. I’ve also posted the accompanying blog where it lists all the comments made by the unbiased press about our amazing Joolya Foolya speaking without notes! Seems like the USA’s JournoLists have infiltrated the Ozzie press gallery!

Caught out…a stagehand slips Julia Gillard’s notes on to the lectern ahead of her speech at the Labor campaign launch.

To nationwide astonishment, Julia Gillard yesterday delivered a 40-minute campaign speech – without notes! Labor health minister Nicola Roxon was amazed:

She’s amazing not to need notes or anything to do this sort of thing and I think that has actually highlighted what we stand for.

You’re right, Nicola, but not quite in the way you might imagine. The press (and others) shared Roxon’s awe:

• Reuters: “speaking without notes”
• Crikey‘s Bernard Keane: “The Prime Minister’s speech – given off-the-cuff”
• The Ten network’s Paul Bongiorno: “without notes”
• The Australian‘s Matthew Franklin: “Speaking off the cuff”
• The SMH’s Lenore Taylor: “no teleprompters, no notes”
• Dow Jones: “Gillard’s 40-minute off-the-cuff speech”
• The Herald Sun‘s Alison Rehn: “without notes or autocue”
• AFP: “speaking without notes”
• The ABC’s Heather Ewart: “she proceeded to speak off the cuff”
• The Australian‘s Dennis Shanahan: “she spoke without notes”
• AFP: “speaking without notes”
• The SMH’s Mark Davis and Jacqueline Maley: “The PM is apparently speaking off the cuff, with no auto-cue. She’s being real-as, bro.”
• The ABC’s Nick Harmsen: “The Prime Minister spoke without notes”
• South Australian Labor Premier Mike Rann: “Extraordinary performance by PM in off the cuff speech at Brisbane launch.”
• And the Age‘s Michael Gordon – in a piece headlined “The day the heart replaced the spin doctors” – had the finest line of them all: “Julia Gillard threw away the script for modern election launches yesterday when she spoke off the cuff for 40 minutes”

Far from it. Labor spin doctors gamed the entire press pack, as Tony Wright revealed:

Ms Gillard used neither autocue nor notes, a point drilled into the large media contingent by her minders.

The script placement is shown here at 10 seconds, although this was missed by many on Twitter:

• “It was pretty impressive that Gillard did her ALP launch speech without an auto cue or notes.”
• “Gillard finishes live campaign launch with no notes & no teleprompter”
• “Seriously impressed with the way Gillard can talk for so long without reference to notes.”
• “OMG, Julia Gillard is speaking without notes How does she do that? on a nationally broadcast launch. Awesome x10”
• “Gillard is doing well speaking without checking notes”
• “Julia Gillard will be speaking at launch extemporaneously. No prompter, no notes.”
• “PM Gillard to speak off the cuff, with no written speech or notes.”

Killing this myth is going to take some work.

The Age‘s Tony Wright:

This, we were assured before Julia Gillard climbed to the stage to deliver her speech to officially launch the government’s plea for re-election, was the real Julia, unplugged.

There would be no auto cue. No written speech, either.

She would rely on nothing but a few dot points, her press secretaries solemnly assured the media gathered in the wings at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Within seconds, hardened hacks were tweeting this development.


As Ms Gillard took the stage, a thick sheaf of typed papers was discreetly placed upon the podium by a stagehand crouching almost out of sight …

When Ms Gillard had finished speaking, the audience – agog at her ability to deliver an unscripted address (indeed, Ms Gillard herself described it as “from the heart”) – [SMH photograoher Andrew] Meares turned his camera on the papers lying strewn upon the lectern.

Even a cursory glance showed it was a written speech. A closer inspection showed it was the very speech she had delivered, word for word.



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