UK: Domino’s Pizza scraps halal menu

So, Domino’s Pizza in the UK decided to enforce Halal pizza on their patrons, and guess what? Sales dropped and they were forced to retract their new menu. I agree with the author of this article – that still would not make me go back and support them. They showed which side they’re on. However, KFC and Subway are still only using Halal meat – I know what I would do were I living there…

Well if you must know, I think Domino’s Pizza is a plate of hot vomit

The Domino’s Pizza chain have been forced into an embarrassing U-turn and scrapped their plans to sell only Halal approved food in their fast food outlets.

Sales have been dropping after customers stopped using their outlets after being denied to right to order ham or pepperoni on their pizzas. Many of those boycotting Domino Pizza also did so because of the evil way in which Halal meat is produced. If you do not know just how, then shape up and go do some research.

In a letter to customers from its branch in Hall Green, which caters for surrounding Birmingham areas including Sparkhill, Moseley and Sparkbrook, Dominos explained: “I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the store is no longer serving a halal menu.

“Dominos Pizza Group decided to trial a halal menu in Hall Green and two other stores in 2009, but it hasn’t had the impact expected and the company has reluctantly decided to return to a conventional Domino’s menu in all three stores.

“This has not been an easy decision for us and we are sorry for an inconvenience.”

No, not good enough for me to start using their outlets again. I am done with them.

There is no acknowledgement that stopping the sale of pork products was a racist act against those people who are not followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

– There is no contrition in the fact that they were prepared to use the meat of animals slaughtered in a cruel and inhumane manner.

– As they say themselves about their U-turn. “The decision has been a completely commercial one in line with the launch of our new lunch campaign.”

Just as the rotating dictatorship of the government rides roughshod over the wishes of the true British People, Domono Pizza thought they could ride roughshod over their customers wishes for greedy financial reasons and finished up with red faces and a black eye. The government however must finish up in prison or on the scaffold.

People are reminded that KFC and Subway are still selling tortured animal meat and denying British People their right to eat a good British Bacon Sarnie. Boycott them.


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