SA fields world’s highest number of asylum requests

One-quarter of all asylum requests in the world are being made in South Africa, with hundreds of thousands of Africans taking advantage of the country’s liberal refugee policy. You gotta feel for the SA tax payer (predominantly whites who still have a job) as these “economic refugees” instantly get access to government services and the right to work. Yeah, to follow liberal thought we need to empathise with anybody with a sob story – which of course has led to South Africa’s loony constitution and the situation the country finds itself in today. However, countries who actually care for their citizens and put them first know that charity begins at home and at times you need to be cruel to be kind. The liberal world will one day come to know what that phrase means…In the meantime, South Africa continues to pay for supporting Robert Mugabage’ insane policies and the country may as well merge with Zimbabwe seeing as SA is probably housing and feeding most of its citizens anyway. Actually, why not just dispense with borders within Africa and make it one happy family where every third world citizen can come and go as they please – at the expense of the SA taxpayers? It’s only a matter of time before it happens anyway….

And the number of asylum seekers could go up further still, following an announcement this week that deportations of illegal Zimbabwean immigrants could resume next year.

Under South African law, any person visiting one of the country’s seven refugee reception centres is entitled to instantly receive a “section 22” certificate, which allowed them rights to work and to government services while their case was processed.

A report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees shows that South Africa is by far the most favoured country for asylum seekers. While the US was in second place last year, with 47900 applications and France in third with 42 100, a staggering 222000 foreigners made applications to be allowed to live in South Africa as they feared persecution in their countries.

More than 149000 of these were Zimbabweans. Only 673 Zimbabweans have been successful in getting asylum.

The UN report noted South Africa also had the world’s highest number of “undecided” refugee cases, at 309000.

Jacob van Garderen, director of Lawyers for Human Rights, said most of the hordes of applications were not “traditional” asylum claims, but that flawed immigration laws had left asylum as the “only option” for desperate foreign nationals.

Jackie McKay, head of immigrations at the Department of Home Affairs, said asylum applications had boomed in 2008 following election violence and a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe – and had remained at the same high levels as word spread that “our refugee laws states that anyone can claim the benefits of being an asylum seeker”.

“About 90% of these asylum seekers from Zimbabwe are not true refugees from conflict, but are in fact economic migrants,” said McKay.

However, even without Zimbabweans, SA would still rank as the world’s number-one safe haven, with 72000 asylum seekers from other, mostly African countries.



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  1. I can't even imagine the despair that white South Africans must be experiencing. I'd love to see all white South Africans emigrate. I would then take glee in watching how rapidly South Africa would descend into a Third World shithole.

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