10 Occupations with Largest Percentage of African-Americans

You can just sense that any day now, a black African-American will be winning the Nobel Prize for Physics….any day now…..yes, ok, ok, got ya! Read it and weep…then you wonder why they need to enforce Affirmative Action when there are other intelligent races around. I live in hope that one day people will admit what’s in front of their eyes…..

10 Occupations with Largest Percentage of African-Americans

1. Barbers—35.0%

2. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides—34.0%

3. Residential advisors—29.6%

4. Security guards and gaming surveillance officers—28.6%

5. Postal service clerks-28.3%

6. Baggage porters, bellhops, and concierges—27.1%

7. Postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators—26.4%

8. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs—25.7%

9. Bus drivers—24.9%

10. Parking lot attendants—24.4%

10 Occupations with Smallest Percentages of African-Americans

1. Artists and related workers—0.8%

2. Environmental scientists and geoscientists—1.0%

3. Cost estimators—1.1%

4. Farmers and ranchers—1.4%

4. Dentists—1.4%

4. Surveying and mapping technicians—1.4%

7. Farm, ranch, and other agricultural managers—1.5%

8. News analysts, reporters and correspondents—1.8%

9. Millwrights—2.1%

10. Miscellaneous physical scientists—2.1%



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This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. So despite all the liberal hold-hands Hollywood imagery trying to convince us otherwise, blacks still hold the same small-time service jobs that we’ve always seen them have in movies from the 50’s or earlier.

    And what about “managers of diversity enforcement departments”? I’m sure blacks make up a inordinant amount of those “jobs” as well.

  2. Two that stand out to me:
    Farmers and ranchers 1.4% but they get billions in a lawsuit from the Dept of Agriculture for discrimination?

    The second one isn’t even mentioned, drug dealers and it must be at least 50%

  3. That figure for Postal Workers is misleading. Blacks dominate all the major processing centers and most of the larger post offices within 20 miles of major cities. The only reason the % isn’t higher is because collectively there are postal workers in just about every town in the country. Are you still wondering why the Postal Service is going down the tubes? I watched it from the inside for 35 years. Wait till these billiant people start running our healthcare system.

  4. And where are all of the black doctors, surgeons, and CEO's seen on TV????? What an effing joke the MSM is.

  5. @joe – they're on TV!

  6. I know a black engineer. He is very good at sleeping on the job, smiling nicely and coming late for work. He is very well trained to perform the task of removing snot from his nose in full public view. He knows all the Union rules and knows how to access the “ebony love” porn sites on his work PC.

    What a great person – my equal in every way!

    Then there is the most honorable comrade doktah Vaino Shivute – he is the CEO of a multimillion dollar company in Namibia, but he has no idea how to calculate compounded interest on $1000 over 12 months at 10% p.a.

    …and you have the audacity to make these racist allegations? eish. These people can replace any of us, they've just never been given the opportunity! Haha! Equal my ass!

  7. By your own admission, you all have a problem with black people. So how can you tell that blacks are inferior if you are endorsing an attitude towards black people which wouldn't allow them the opportunity to prove that they are equal or inferior?

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