‘Satan used Bees to do his work’

In South Africa, thousands of white people die brutally at the hands of black thugs annually. Most cases are never resolved and the whites just have to accept the genocide being committed against them. South Africa has one of the highest murder stats in the world with more than 18 000 people (the low number admitted to by the government) being killed annually.

This story is about a white rugby player who killed a black metro cop. Now, no one knows what the true story is as the case is being investigated by the police. Bees (translated to Ox in English) Roux is currently out on bail. What we do know is that he was “stopped for drunken driving” by 3 black metro cops the night of the crime and somehow was left alone with one black officer in his car and he later died. Bees was arrested and left in jail over a week-end. Whilst in jail his credit card was magically used by some other black dudes. Now, I don’t profess to be a genius, but I can certainly add 2 and 2 together and get to 5. My take on this crime is that Bees was stopped under the guise of being drunk and then blackmailed into giving the cops money to let him go (this has become common practise by the cops in South Africa so please feel free to visit anytime!). The one officer (who subsequently died) was most likely left watching Bees whilst the other two officers went to withdraw money from the ATM. Something happened in the car – the police officer probably tried to kill Bees and he fought back in self-defence killing the officer. Anyway, this is pure speculation on my part. What is interesting is that Bees was arrested but his alcohol level was never tested. The laughable excuses being given by the black arresting officers is a joke. Needless to say, when ONE BLACK man dies at the hands of a white, the whole black nation of South Africa immediately rallies and starts their racist stomping of the feet. Whites are expected to just take the crime against them, but blacks get on their moral high horse if one of them is killed by a white – no matter the reason. This is what I like to term “f-the-whitey” racism. Now, read the story below to understand the mentality the whites have to put up with in the Rainbow Nation. Oh, I surely don’t miss that country. And, good luck to Bees. He’s going to need all the luck against this mob of geniuses who have already decided that he’s a white racist boer who doesn’t deserve to live…

 Bees Roux – why would these black cops even have started messing with this guy?

The mystery surrounding the murder charge against Blue Bulls prop Bees Roux deepens.

This week the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court heard that no alcohol tests were done after Roux’s arrest.

Sergeant Patrick Mafanele, a member of the investigating team, testified that the docket contained statements alleging that Roux had been driving under the influence of alcohol when he was stopped by the police in Hatfield, Pretoria, last Friday. (stopped for a bribe more like it)

Mafanele had to concede that no blood or breathalyser tests were done.

The court heard that Roux, during the alleged assault on Sergeant Johannes Mogale (38), shouted at people on the scene to phone the police. (yeah – now why would someone trying to murder a cop shout for help??)

Roux alleges that he was the victim of theft and acted in self-defence. (Bees – that makes too much sense for our bleck bruthers!!)

Mogale died at the scene, where police arrested Roux after they arrived shortly after the policeman’s death.

The rugby player was taken to ­Sunnyside police station and remained in custody during the weekend, but no blood tests were done.

“According to the evidence, no blood alcohol tests had been done because the SAPS did not know at the time of his arrest that there was an allegation of drunk driving,” Brigadier Mahlomola Manganye, the commander of the station, told City Press.

“The court is in the best position to decide why no tests were done,” said Tshwane Metro Police spokesperson Console Tleane.

Tleane pointed out that a lack of blood tests did not mean there was no evidence against Roux with regard to a drunk driving charge.

Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair pointed to another gap in the preliminary facts. He said the two Metro officers who, with Mogale, were part of the group that stopped Roux, had not been fully involved in the investigation. (now, I want to see how they squirm out of this one…)

Mafanele testified that he had visited the police officers but they could not supply any answers because they evidently “saw nothing”. (I no see na-ting!)

What Roux did during the evening is also not clear.

Roux’s agent, James Adams, denied that Roux had visited the Flamingo strip club as was alleged in a newspaper earlier this week. (yeah, this is what the cops are focusing on! No wonder most cases in South Africa are never resolved…)

Pieter Crous, the owner of Flamingo, also denied that the rugby player had visited his club on the night of the ­alleged murder.

Crous told City Press that several people had checked the video material from the closed-circuit camera system at the club.

“He (Roux) is not on the video material. The only way he could enter without being on the video material was by falling through the roof without being seen by anybody.”

According to Crous, a dancer said she saw “somebody who looked like Bees”, but the man had tattoos which Roux does not have.

Roux’s lawyer, Rudi Krause, said they had “full confidence” in the investigating officer. (let’s hope he can read and write and he’s white…or maybe not. A black IO could also work in Bees’ favor as he’ll probably miss all the evidence anyway)

The police are also investigating the alleged use of Roux’s credit card at a McDonald’s restaurant while he was incarcerated in a police cell. (This is going to be interesting to explain, Mr Police Officers!!)

Yesterday the Mogale family said goodbye to their breadwinner, who died on the day of his middle child’s birthday. (boo-bloody-hoo – that is what happens when you try your corrupt crap on big strong men and not your usual fare of innocent women and children. Next time choose your victims a little better…)

Speaking yesterday at Mogale’s funeral in Shakung, North West, Tshwane’s Mayor Gwen Ramokgopa urged people to leave the matter in the hands of the courts.

Ramokgopa’s remarks followed Metro Police director Ndumiso Jaca’s diatribe against Roux and the media during a memorial service for the slain policeman on Thursday.

Jaca, a chief of pro-active policing with the Tshwane Metro Police, asked the ancestors to haunt Roux until he told the truth. (THIS is why I no longer reside in South Africa. This mentality (or lack thereof) is just jaw-droppingly dumb. Good luck Africa)

Ramokgopa told the crying family that their father had been a hero. (Yes people, this is what constitutes a hero in Africa – robbing  and murdering innocent people and then dying whilst committing the crime)

“There are times when a community’s value system is challenged. I believe now is one of those times.”

The Rev J Makole told hundreds of mourners, including several politicians and at least 100 Metro Police officers, that Mogale had a bright future ahead of him. (Yeah, so I wonder how many metro police and politicians attend any of the white victims murdered by blacks? Any one of the innocent people hacked to death with a machete and whose insides are smeared all over the floor – or the innocent women and children, raped and bludgeoned to death???)

“Satan uses people to do his work, and in this case he used a man, Bees.” (FU Rev)



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  1. This is what they bought on his credit card:

    •R103,45 for meals at McDonald’s in Silverton at 2.36am on August 27;
    •At 10.24am on the same day, alcohol was bought at Liquor City in Woodhill;
    •At 10.50am alcohol and cigarettes were bought at Western Province Cellars in Monument Park;
    •R457 was spent on alcohol at the Baloni Bottle store in Mamelodi at 4.34pm;
    •Another transaction at Liquor City came to R279.95;
    •R1466,50 for alcohol and cigarettes at Western Cellars;
    •R665,35 for meat, groceries or other food from Uitkyk Vleismark, Silverton;
    •R298,40 at KFC Mahube in Mamelodi; and
    •R362,95 at Liquor City in Mamelodi.

    = R3 633.60

    I see KFC was also on the list!!!

  2. It is getting rougher out here by the day dude.

    Whites are taking a real hammering. Almost 25% of the white population has already left SA and the rest are being killed off slowly.

    We're kinda sitting ducks.

  3. White South Africans….I grieve for you. Why don't all of you guys try like hell to emigrate to America? We need you over here.

  4. @Joe – I wish I could round up all the whites in SA (those that want to leave) and bring them over to Australia. We really need hard working white people to stop the influx of Asians (including Indian) and Muslims here. Soon Australia will look like Asia/Eurabia. The PC multi-culti brigade works hard to cover the cracks here and just last night a white police officer was shot in the head and killed by Muslim Lebanese immigrants during a drug raid in Sydney. Yet, this country continues to import them as to not do so is considered xenophobic and racist!

  5. They mistake white people for pussies. They need to read “true” historical accounts of how their collective kingdoms were systematically dealt with rather inhumanely. It would be interesting to ponder the reasons one race advances over another. could it be that whites werent raping their kids and killing their women instead were working, providing, thinking and exploring the globe as none race bfore sought to tame their animal desire long enough for higher contemplation. Believe it my friends, a war is on and it is blatant and joins all race against us. we faced it before and we show them again.

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