Welcome to Third World Britain

An open letter from the BNP’s Chairman, Nick Griffin to their members about voting fraud committed by Muslim UK politicians. Is this a big surprise??

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Britain’s slide from a law-abiding, decent, honest and democratic society to a third-world banana republic is gathering pace with the news that five Muslim Conservative Party members, including two councillors, in Bradford have been jailed for just over seven years after being found guilty of large-scale voter fraud.

The ‘New Conservatives’ have joined the growing list of Muslim “politicians” in Britain from all the Westminster parties who have been found guilty of importing election “tactics” from their third-world homelands to Britain.

The Leeds Crown Court Judge Robert Bartfield warned that the fraud threatened to “contaminate” Britain’s democratic foundations and render those principles “worthless.”

According to a local report, Tory councillors Reis Khan and Jamshed Khan conspired in a plot with fellow Conservatives Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed Rafiq and Alyas Khan to use fraudulent postal votes to get their candidate Haroon Rashid, elected to the Bradford West seat.

The practice of Muslim cheating in Britain’s elections is widespread. In Slough, Berkshire last year, Six British Pakistanis were jailed for postal vote abuse.

In an earlier case in Birmingham in 2005, local elections were voided and had to be re-run at a massive cost to the taxpayer, as several Pakistani candidates were found to be operating what was described as a ‘vote-rigging factory’.

The judge presiding over that case commented on government claims at the time that postal voting was working: “Anybody who has sat through the case I have just tried and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic would find this statement surprising.”

The growth in Third World corruption is an inevitable consequence of the third-world colonization of Britain. All the signs are there, and the only question still to be answered is if the British people will read the signs and respond accordingly.

Is this the country that Churchill, Monty and our War Heroes fought for? Is this the country you want for your children? Things will only get WORSE.



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