South Africa: Media is its own worst news, says Zuma aide

More on the imminent media black-out which will soon be implemented by the democratic dictatorial ANC government of South Africa. Seems like it only works one way in black South Africa – the ANC way or no way. They have their noses out of joint because the media has turned on them and started reporting all their corrupt shenanigans – even their black journalists have turned. Now the ANC have decided that the media need to be monitored and “educated” about how to do their job properly (we know what that means). What the ANC don’t get is if they were a stand-up, honest and efficient government then chances are 99% certain that most news articles would be happy to report all they are accomplishing for the people of South Africa. However, there is now a threat that their dumbed-down sheeple will actually catch a wake-up and see the ANC for what it is – a cesspool of lazy, inefficient and dumb “politicians” who only get a government post if they are “true” ANC cadres who are willing to participate in the wholesale thievery of South Africa’s riches. Clamping down on the media is the next step to SA becoming a dictatorship ala Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela etc etc etc. THIS is what the international liberals wanted for South Africa and this is what they’re getting…

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Zuma’s “special adviser” on communications, Zizi Kodwa

Zizi Kodwa, President Jacob Zuma’s special adviser on communications, says the South African media is in denial about its own shortcomings.

The real threat to SA media freedom would not be the proposed Media Appeals Tribunal but the media’s denial that it had serious inefficiencies, President Jacob Zuma’s special communications adviser, Zizi Kodwa, said.

“The ANC’s proposed Media Appeals Tribunal is not a threat to media freedom. The media is,” he said in Durban on Thursday night.

Kodwa was speaking during the debate on the proposed Media Appeals Tribunal and the Protection of Information Bill organised by the Alternative Development Centre and the Mail & Guardian newspaper.

Kodwa said the real threat to the media freedom was the denial that there were inefficiencies in the media such as shady journalism and inaccuracies.

“There is a lot of vulgarity in the media and South African Editors Forum does nothing about it because they know that they are also guilty,” said Kodwa.

He said the Media Appeals Tribunal also looked at the issue of training of journalists and media diversity.

“I am very concerned the debate is being trivialised and ridiculed. People say it is unconstitutional. Which part is unconstitutional? Let’s debate this issue honestly,” he said.

The majority of people who spoke during the debate said they felt the media tribunal and the Protection of Information Bill were the threat to media freedom.

Some said they believed it was aimed at making it difficult for the media to operate so that the media would not be able to expose corrupt politicians.

Jane Duncan, the chairwoman of the Highway Africa Media and Information Society said the issue of accountability and diversity in the media raised by the ANC was important. She however said the media tribunal was not the correct way of addressing them.

“The media tribunal is a wrong proposal. It is undemocratic and the media freedom is really under threat,” she said.

Lumko Mtimde, the CEO of Media Development and Diversity Agency said the media tribunal was not a threat to media freedom.

“There is no way the law that threatens the media freedom can see the light of day.”



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  1. The ANC government is in denial over its shortcomings and it doesn't like the media to point it out, either. They are morally bankrupt, corrupt and inefficient and continue to run SA into the ground. I cry for my once beautiful, prosperous country. It's becoming just another African hellhole but that's what makes the blacks happy – to live in abject poverity whilst their “leaders” live like kings – just like their tribes hundreds of years ago. We are screwed.

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