The only thing doing worse than the economy is sales of Obama-related merchandise

On the bright side, sales of Obama urinal targets have never been stronger…

Not that long ago, President Obama was more than a president wading through two wars and a bad economy. He was Superman, clutching a basketball in mid-air and about to slam-dunk, on a sparkly T-shirt available in Union Station for $14.99.

A medallion of his face was airbrushed onto T-shirts, swinging on a gold chain next to another medallion with the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. His family portrait was emblazoned on not-quite-microwave-safe dinner plates, and his essence was somehow captured for a cologne. (Of course, the same was done with Michelle Obama for women.)

Freddy Vinoya, of Souvenir World in the District, said he has seen sales, and shoppers’ interest, taper off since October, when the store opened.

In Union Station, the souvenir shop once dubbed the Obama Store because of its mostly Obama-related selection (save for the Michael Jackson memorabilia of the same vein that popped up after his death) has closed. A jewelry-repair shop stands in its place near the food court.



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