South Africa: R15m for electricity

This article is typical of the South African problem. Blacks build their shanty towns wherever they can get away with it. It starts with a few shacks and then grows and grows until, before you know it there are thousands of people living in squalor. This, by the way, is how they prefer to live. They have never tried to better themselves in any way, shape or form, without someone else doing the hard work for them and of course footing the bill to boot. In any case, one of these “informal settlements” is now getting electricity. Now, let’s sit and think about who is footing this bill. Why, the tax payer (mainly white) of course. So, R15million is being put towards giving these squatters electricity but the article forgets to mention one very important fact. Who is going to pay the monthly electricity bill from this shanty town? Can you imagine what this monthly bill is going to be when you get free electricity and some poor tax payer is paying for you??

Johannesburg – The Rustenburg municipality, in North West, will use R15m to electrify 1 000 houses at the Freedom Park informal settlement, spokesperson Butler Matlapeng said on Wednesday.

He said project site was handed over to the contractor on Wednesday.

“The project comprises the first 1 000 houses to be electrified at a cost not less R12m. The R3.8m is for the erection of the electricity supply power station, the first in Freedom Park.”

He said the project would start on September 20, when the first 15 locals would be employed for the construction of the electricity supply power station.

An unconfirmed number of locals would be employed later for trench-digging once the house connections started.

The project was expected to be complete by April.

“The remaining 1 000 houses that could not be electrified due to budgetary constraints will be catered for in the next financial year, starting in June,” he said.



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