USA: But Why Do Blacks Distrust Hospitals?

The Kumbaya clan are attributing the lack of blood donating by the US black population to the excuse that they “don’t trust hospitals”. Really? Since when is blood only donated in a hospital? Anyway, say I actually buy that BS, WHY would this be? That’s where this “theory” goes pear shaped. Why are blacks so afraid of hospitals that they won’t help out their fellow human being? Well, the obvious reason, which is conveniently ignored by the unicorn and fairy brigade, is that blacks don’t have the same degree of social responsibility that other communities, particularly the European-American community, has. I could have told you that without having to do a study. Having lived with blacks for over 37 years I can quite candidly say that they’re all the same. They will rather die waiting for others to do something for them (preferably the whites) instead of working it out for themselves. Just look at Africa as a true example of this explanation. No wonder the American blacks want to be known as African-Americans…..never a truer word was said.

Medical journals this past week reported on a new study which tried to explain why so few blacks donate blood by claiming that they “do not trust hospitals,” but all ignored the obvious question: why?

The study, published in the official blood bank association journal Transfusion, revealed “that there is a significant distrust in the healthcare system among the African American community.”

Led by Beth H. Shaz, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the New York Blood Center in New York, New York, researchers apparently managed to create a survey which explored the “reasons for low likelihood of blood donation in African Americans.”

Statistically, only one in ten blood donors are black, even though that community is a major user of donated blood due to a higher violent crime rate and subsequent greater attendance at emergency units.

Blood types O and B, the blood types of about 70 percent of most blacks in America, are also the blood types most in demand.

In addition, sickle cell disease (SCD) affects one in 12 blacks in America, and patients with that disease can need 15 to 25 blood transfusions each year.

Genetically-similar blood is preferred for those who need repeated blood transfusions. Blood that closely matches a patient’s is less likely to be rejected by the patient and can mean fewer complications after a transfusion.

According to the new study, 15 black churches in Atlanta participated in an 81-item self-administered survey, with 930 people responding to the survey.

The study’s results demonstrate that about one in five African American individuals (17 percent) do not trust hospitals. This “lack of trust” was positively correlated with not donating blood even compared against other risk factors.

The study concluded that hospitals had to “increase trust” to overcome the problem.

Yet none of the journals which repeated the story, ever bothered to ask the simple question of why there was such a “lack of trust” in hospitals amongst blacks.

The answer would appear to be so obvious as to be unpalatable, and hence preferably ignored by the journals and academics, namely that the black community simply does not have the same degree of social responsibility that other communities, particularly the European-American community, has.

Rather than admit this obvious truth, liberal academics would prefer to invent all manner of “reasons” for the low black blood donation rate — hence the patently fabricated excuses of “no trust” without any attempt to explain why that “situation” has arisen.

This is the same logic which is applied to every situation where nonwhite groups fail to perform at white levels, be it academic, social, or work-related.

Each and every time blacks, Hispanics or any other group fail, the fault is always put at the door of European-Americans, no matter what.

The American Third Position dismisses the accusation that white people are always to blame for everything.

It is time that other communities took stock of their own affairs and corrected themselves instead of playing the blame game with whites.



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  1. Blacks may not trust hospitals, but they sure don’t mind using them. Whenever they suffer from knife or gunshot wounds, or are ready to deliver a baby, or whatever service they need, they show up at the emergency room expecting, and getting, free service.

    They are not about giving, but taking. They have no respect for anyone. How could they when they have no respect even for themselves?

  2. I see no obvious connection between giving blood and not trusting hospitals. I have donated blood at my work several times, at a number of shopping malls, at parks, at a carnival and one time at a local ribfest. I never had to go anywhere near any hospital to do so. I live in a heavily, racially mixed area where there are many blacks. In all my days I can recall only one single black ever giving blood. Essentially it is a selfless act of altruism. These are simply not characteristics of blacks generally or their communities.

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