Obama’s Latest Stroke of Brilliance… Let Corrupt Regimes Decide How to Spend US Aid Money

Is this guy for real? He wants to show the rest of the world how to manage their development whilst his own country is burning. This guys has a healthy self esteem – I’m gonna get me some of that! Mr Obama – charity begins at home. How about looking after your own citizens development and let the rest of the world worry about their own. Say after me: “America is bankrupt – we have no more free money – any money we give to you we have to loan from China and we have to pay it back – leave us alone – we have done more than enough – go ask your fellow third world countries  for your self-enrichment money”.

He’s so smart.

With unemployment at record levels, with the deficit skyrocketing, with the national debt piling up, Barack Obama announced a historic new development plan this week… for foreign countries. Under Barack Obama’s brilliant new development plan, corrupt regimes will decide how to spend US taxpayer-funded aid money instead of being dicatated to.

President Obama announced the plan Wednesday at the United Nations. And, of course, he calls this another historic initiative.

CNN reported:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced the creation of a comprehensive administration initiative devoted to spurring development efforts around the globe.

Obama calls it new U.S. Global Development Policy and says it’s the “first of its kind by an American administration.”

“Put simply, the United States is changing the way we do business,” Obama said at the summit of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals, an ambitious agenda world leaders set 10 years ago to tackle global poverty, which has grown amid the world economic recession.

The program has four approaches. One is changing the definition of development.

“For too long, we’ve measured our efforts by the dollars we spent and the food and medicines that we delivered. But aid alone is not development. Development is helping nations to actually develop, moving from poverty to prosperity. And we need more than just aid to unleash that change. We need to harness all the tools at our disposal, from our diplomacy to our trade to our investment policies,” he said.

Second, the administration is changing how “the ultimate goal of development” is viewed.

“Our focus on assistance has saved lives in the short term, but it hasn’t always improved those societies over the long term. Consider the millions of people who have relied on food assistance for decades. That’s not development, that’s dependence, and it’s a cycle we need to break. Instead of just managing poverty, we have to offer nations and peoples a path out of poverty.”

Obama said that the United States will “partner with countries that are willing to take the lead” and that the time when “development was dictated by foreign capitals has come to an end.”

This guy sure likes to blow your money.



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  1. He is just expressing racial solidarity with his own brethren back in Africa, its only natural to look out for your own people.

    It also applies to the suicidal white race but in reverse.

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