Australia: Massive street brawl in Adelaide after first Miss Africa beauty pageant

 This is what importing Africans is doing to Australia. People in authority and the MSM don’t report on these types of African brawls as it’s politically correct not to. Yet, most Australians are not happy with the status quo. As one person who phoned in to the local radio station this morning put it: “what kind of trash have we allowed into this country?”. The radio host could only agree as this is the reality of how people think and feel. Western countries aren’t used to the African savagery and think that Africans are just the down-trodden, vilified and discriminated against members of society. It’s PC not to admit they commit crimes 5 times more often than other races do. In the UK, although they make up 12% of the population, blacks represent 50% of inmates. You can get away with saying that it’s because they’re discriminated against for only so long before that BS runs out. Here we have 150 black Africans going at each other armed with with knives, tyre levers, clubs, makeshift batons and a bedpost after a “beauty pageant”. You can dress them up but you can’t take them to the party… 

FOUR men suffered stab wounds as a day of intermittent violence following South Australia’s first Miss Africa pageant erupted into a vicious all-in brawl.
Brawling erupts after SA beauty pageant.Four men suffered stab wounds after violence erupted following Sth Aust’s first Miss Africa pageant.
.Up to 100 people armed with with knives, tyre levers, clubs, makeshift batons and a bedpost fought a pitched battle in Adelaide’s Bent Street near the Austral Hotel early today.
“Clearly they had prepared themselves with weapons in the event that they did come together, which they did,” Chief Inspector John Gerlach said.
Police eventually broke it up and arrested four men while four others were admitted to hospital with stab wounds.
A 21-year-old man was stabbed in the abdomen and arm, a 19-year-old in the chest and stomach, a 19-year-old in the arm and a 20-year-old in the back.

“All four did receive surgery and are stable,” Inspector Gerlach said.

The brawl was the culmination of 24 hours of violent clashes initiated by a fight involving 150 African people on Saturday night as they spilled out of a nightclub in Hindley St.

No injuries or arrests were reported from that initial clash or some smaller skirmishes reported to police in the 24 hours leading up to today’s wild brawl.

Police believe many of those involved in the violence had travelled from interstate for the Miss Africa beauty pageant in Adelaide on Saturday.

Inspector Gerlach praised the officers who responded promptly to the major brawl, saying their intervention had prevented more injuries.

“No doubt the management of the incident prevented further injury and possibly people dying as a result,” he said.

Police have charged a 20-year-old man from Victoria with aggravated assault causing serious harm and affray.

A 19-year-old man from Kilburn, in Adelaide’s north, a 21-year-old man from Victoria and a 22-year-old man from Western Australia have been charged with behavioral street offences and weapons offences.


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  1. Why the hell is there a Miss Africa contest in Australia in the first place????

  2. Love it. Now the Ozzies can see what shit we live with here in SA. Maybe Oz will grow a pair and tighten up immigration before it is too late.

  3. It is vital for the Australians to understand the dire consequences of allowing this ilk into their beautiful country. I hope for their sake that they wake up and send this ilk back to where it came from before they outbreed the locals and ruin the Australian social system and anything else they touch.

  4. These bloody teary-eyed leftwing do-gooders will blame anything but the poor downtrodden victims.

    What the hell else do you expect from an event that is held to display “the best that Africa has to offer”?

    What they don't know is that this is what they do every single freaking day in Africa – they are animals.

    By the way, I wonder what would happen if we held an anglo-saxon or Germanic/Afrikaner white “miss White beauty” pageant? We'd be called rightwing fundamentalist racists!

  5. Jesus….is Australia really importing Africans? What the F*** is wrong with you people down under? Fer Chrissakes just look at the worst social problems being experienced here in the US, or the UK for that matter….. These worst problems INEVITABLY involve black culture which is incompatible with structure, law, and order. WAKE UP you stupid Aussie PC Do-Gooders.

  6. Violence is an innate and integral component of black culture, no where it is found, be it Africa, the US, Europe, and now….Australia???

  7. Agree with all the comments here. Just why do they allow a racist beauty pageant in the first place. The last one held in Melbourn similarly broke out in violence leaving one dead and another fighting for life. You'd think they'd learn. No matter where they live there's trouble. Joe – the bleeding hearts allow this to happen. I can't see this changing anytime soon. Sudanese and Somalians are the flavor of the month here…

  8. Egalitarians ( Cultural Marxists ) love diversity not as an end, but as a means. They do not want to preserve the diversity of the peoples of this planet; they want to destroy it. Making all human contact diverse is simply their means for destroying human diversity. Mix the races physically, and they will mix biologically on their own. Diversity to destroy diversity.

    Average IQ.

    Sub-Saharan Africa 70.
    White 100.

    Mix the to populations together and we have Brazil.
    The average IQ in Brazil is just 87 compared to Germany 107.

    Imagine a Germany a France a Australia with such a low average IQ population.

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