State officials cancel access to welfare benefits on cruise ships and at all casinos

Roll on up if you’d like some free money. California has loads! So much so, that over $69million meant to be spent on rent and food by the “needy” has been spent all over the USA and beyond – even on cruise ships! Not only that, but the administers of the debit card program were unaware of the rorting going on and only acted when the fraud was exposed in a report by The Times – glad to see they take their job seriously. But, not to worry as Schwarzenegger  is on top of this. He’s decided to crack down on this latest welfare fraud even though earlier in the year The Times reported on massive welfare debit card spending in casinos and strip clubs in California. You’d think he would be a bit more aware about these schemes. Anyhow, glad to see he’s finally on the ball and curbing waste of the tax payers money…Somehow I can’t see this type of thing happening on NJ’s Gov Christie’s watch.

California officials are cutting off use of state-issued welfare debit cards at casinos across the country and on cruise ships, in the wake of Times reports that the aid cards have been used to spend or withdraw millions of dollars in benefits at popular vacation spots including the Las Vegas strip and on ships sailing from ports around the world.

More than $69 million meant to help the needy pay their rent and clothe their children was accessed in all 49 other states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, according to data obtained by The Times from the California Department of Social Services.

The department instructed the vendor that administers the debit card program to make the changes Monday afternoon, in response to a report in The Times’ Monday edition.

Department of Social Services Director John Wagner said the move is part of the Schwarzenegger administration’s commitment to “rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in these programs” and “to ensure these resources are going to the people they are intended for.”

In June, the state cut off access to benefits in California casinos and strip clubs after The Times reported that the Electronic Benefits Transfer cards worked in those businesses too.



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