Merkel backs coalition ally over "alien" Islam remarks

Seems as if Germany is having to deal with the swing to the right the country is experiencing and they can no longer sweep the issue under the proverbial PC carpet. Another politician has broken ranks and has stated that immigrants from other cultures – such as Turkey and Arab countries – don’t integrate into German society. I don’t think the German Government were prepared for the support that banker Thilo Sarrazin received from the German people when he stated that Muslims, in particular, were not fitting into German society and that they had low IQ’s. Up to that point, Merkel was quite happy to pander to the diversity canker and ignore the obvious rumblings in the country about the immigration problem. Now that she’s seen which side her bread is buttered she’s been quick to change her tune. I can’t see it lasting as she’s clearly a liberal and they only go where they can get their next vote – even if it means lying to achieve power…Hey, I may be wrong – comments welcome!

Berlin – A row over the place of Muslim immigrants in German society flared up again Monday, as Chancellor Angela Merkel backed a coalition ally who said the country should not accept any more migrants from ‘alien cultures’ such as Turks and Arabs.

The leader of Germany’s Christian Social Union (CSU), Horst Seehofer, faced calls for an apology Monday after giving a magazine interview at the weekend in which he made the remarks.

‘It’s clear that immigrants from different cultures – such as Turkey and the Arab countries – find it harder here than others … I have no understanding therefore for promoting widespread immigration from alien cultures,’ he told the Focus news magazine.

Following the remarks, Seehofer was criticized by Muslim groups and left-wing parties.

However Merkel, who has insisted that Muslim immigrants must adapt to German values, backed her coalition partner.

‘It was a remark that was limited to the question of the labour force … Germany is and will remain a country open to the world,’ Merkel, who is visiting Bulgaria and Romania, said.

A spokeswoman for the chancellor earlier said that there was ‘no dissent’ between Merkel and Seehofer over his remarks.

The new row adds to weeks of debate on the question of immigration, set off by a book written by former central banker Thilo Sarrazin, which stated that Muslims, in particular, were not fitting in to German society.

Turkish community leader Kenan Kolat said Monday that Seehofer’s comments were ‘defamatory, and not acceptable.’

Seehofer was accused of ‘right-wing populism’ by the opposition Social Democrats and Greens. Even some CDU allies have backed away from his remarks.

Germany is home to some 4 million Muslims, making up around 5 per cent of the population. Most are from Turkish or Arab backgrounds.

A week ago German President Christian Wulff attempted to set the tone of the immigration discussion by saying that Islam ‘belonged’ in Germany, just as Christianity and Judaism did. He received criticism from his own CDU for doing so.


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  1. Germany has scant natural resources its prosperity is based solely on the ethnic Germans high IQ, their low crime rate and their legendary work ethic. They are quintessentially the golden geese.
    Sarrazin recognized this and so do the German people.

  2. One shouldn't fault Merkel entirely for changing her tune. No one in the main stream media was brave enough to speak up about immigration, against the PC mantra, so the top politicians could have been ignorant to some extent about the true situation on the ground. If she has adapted to new information that's been made available then she should be applauded for her adaptability. It shows that she may still have some kind of respect for the wishes of Germany's people and democracy.

  3. P.S. The new editor at Big Journalism was referring to the blogosphere as the 'wild west.' I loved the comparison! It sticks because it is true in the sense that there is a new, unknown territory that we can access, namely the elite ruling class.

  4. Politics certainly do make starnge bedfellows. I am a San Francisco liberal who happens to recognize the dangers of Islam and applaud what Merkel has done here, in cracking the door to fair scrutiny on a subject which has too long been off limits for honest evaluation. Whether she is doing it for sheer political reasons, or whether she believes the politics have finally become safe enough to allow for a glimpse of her true thoughts on the subject, it is great to see a mainstream politician broach the subject. It will hopefully be the beginning of a conversation where one was not previously tolerated.

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