South Africa: ANC ‘shoot the boer’ hypocrisy slammed

So, in July this year, the Human Rights Commission of South Africa found the “kill the farmer, kill the boer” struggle song to be hate speech and it was banned (and it took them only 16 years post Apartheid to find the song offensive – go figure). If the whites had a song called “kill the Zulu, kill the Xhosa blacks” then I’m pretty sure all the blacks and liberals of this world and the outer galaxies would have been up in arms, baying for our blood. 

Well, no one has ever accused the reigning communist government of South Africa, the ANC, of having a brain cell to share amongst all 2000 MPs (or whatever the latest number of parliament members the country is at now). In their infinite wisdom, they are now challenging the restriction on singing the song. So, let’s think about this for a moment. Besides the obvious that they’re not very bright – just why would they want to appeal the banning of a highly racist and violence-inducing song in a country where over 18 000 people are murdered every year (that’s the figure that the ANC admit to – we know it’s higher and more like 30 000 murders a year). Makes you think. Could it be that they want to keep racial tension simmering forever so that their dumbed down black population don’t look to the ANCs obvious governmental failings? Could it be that this is the next step to ensure whites are forced off their land out of sheer terror of what’s to come? Whatever the reason, this is what South Africa and the great ANC has been reduced to – keeping the masses of people living in poverty, relying on the government for their hand-outs, whilst all the while the ANC live like kings off the sweat of the tax payer and the country’s riches. Viva South Africa.

(For those who don’t know, boer means farmer in Afrikaans and it also denotes the descendants of the Dutch-speaking settlers who left the Cape Colony during the 18 and 19th century to settle in the north of South Africa, to escape British rule.)

Cape Town – It is ironic that the ANC wants to restrict the media while claiming freedom of speech to justify its “dangerous hate-inciting speech”, the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) said on Monday.

The fact that the ANC had applied for leave to appeal against the restriction on singing the song in which the words “dubul’ iBhunu” (Shoot the Boer) were used, created the impression the ANC supported this song’s cruel message, FF Plus spokesperson Anton Alberts said in a statement.

“Through this action the governing party promotes racial tensions and racial hatred.”

The ANC’s inability to change from a so-called freedom movement to a modern political party was clearly visible from the fact that the ANC was alleging the song was part of its struggle for freedom.

The ANC should rather pay attention to morally transforming the organisation and internalising and enforcing rationality, rather than expecting society to transform on a racial basis.

“It is clear that the ANC is trapped in the past and that they do not understand the sensitivities of South
Africa,” Alberts said.

The FF Plus would monitor the ANC’s application and was considering various strategies to oppose it.

Christian Democratic Party leader Theunis Botha also criticised the ANC’s appeal. The decision to appeal was “as damaging to the country as is the decision by the Hawks to abandon the investigation into the controversial arms deal”, he said in a statement.

“As it stands, it was already a crying shame that it was necessary to approach the court to halt this clear manifestation of hate speech.”



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