See where Obama’s wrath is headed after midterms

Seems like Mr Teleprompter Obama is waiting for the midterm elections to pass before stabing Israel in the back. I tend to believe this article – seeing as Obama et al have never been a fan of Israel. Time will tell what his true agenda is and what he’s going to ram through by executive order.

White House officials told the Palestinians that President Obama is waiting until after the Nov. 2 midterm elections to press Israel harder for a deal to create a Palestinian state, a senior Palestinian Authority


The PA official said Obama believes pressure against Israel now could have a negative impact for Democrats in local elections, including in many districts where support for Israel has become a campaign issue.

After the midterms, the U.S. will continue to press Israel to agree to a complete halt to Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and the strategic West Bank, the senior PA official said.

Also, the White House is considering backing a United Nations declaration to create a unilateral Palestinian state if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not agree to demands in peace talks, said the official.

The official said there is a growing sense that Obama has adopted many of the positions of the PA, including on starting talks at the point of the final borders for a Palestinian state, as the PA had wanted. Netanyahu wants to focus talks on security issues before addressing final border status.

An extensive poll released earlier this month showed a growing number of Americans support Israel over the Palestinians and will vote for political candidates based on their stance regarding the Jewish state.

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  1. No matter what Israel stands for they need to stand firm. South Africa was harrassed and hounded by the international community, until they got their way. Where are they today and where is South Africa? No where! If Israel gives in, no one will remember them or their struggle in coming years. They are but 6 million against over 1 billion Muslims.

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