White Britons ‘could be minority by 2066’

Good news for Muslims and other non-White’s living in the UK – you are set to become the majority ahead of the White population in just over 50 years. I’m actually surprised it’s not sooner. When is the UK government going to open its eyes and listen to their people and actually see what’s happening? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen UK cities shown on TV where all you see are Muslims and their women in their penguin suits. Really disturbing. As the non-Whites enter the country, so the Whites are fleeing. Wonder what old Winston Churchill would think of this??

White British people will be a minority in their own country by 2066 if current immigration levels continue, a population expert has claimed.

Professor David Coleman, of Oxford University, said the demographic group would make up less than half the population in “little more” than 50 years.

He said the decline will be caused by record-breaking levels of immigration and the migration of thousands of British nationals abroad over the coming decades.

Prof Coleman made the comments as the Migration Advisory Board today prepares to announce recommendations on the Government’s proposed cap on migrant workers from outside the EU.

Writing in an article for Prospect magazine, Mr Coleman said: “Inflows (of migrants) of the last decade have been more sudden and on a bigger scale than ever before.

“The consequent increases in population and changes in its composition have caused concern about economic opportunities, housing, local character and national identity. Moreover, if inflows continue on a similar scale, they will transform the demography of this country.”

The demographic analyst said projections by the Office for National Statistics show that rising numbers of immigrants, combined with trends in fertility and survival, will see Britain’s population rise to 77 million by 2051 – the equivalent to adding the population of the Netherlands.

He said the population would then rise to 85 million by 2083.

Referring to white British people becoming a minority, the population expert added: “The 50% benchmark has no special demographic significance, but it would have a considerable psychological and political impact.

“The transition to a ‘majority minority’ population, whenever it happens, would represent an enormous change to national identity – cultural, political, economic and religious.

“In Britain, judging by the opposition to high immigration reported in opinion polls over recent years, it seems likely that such developments would be unwelcome.”



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  1. Hi,
    Why the hate man. Judging from your website and the quality of language you have had a decent upbringing and obviously are not doing badly. I was born in a rural African village and have since then been struggling to get what you have had and take for granted. I have walked kilometres to school, read by moonlight and worked my way through school herding cattle for better off neighbours. I got myself an education and like you I would like to get the best possible job. If that job happens to be in Australia or Britain I would like to be able, like you, to go and live and work in those countries. What is wrong with that my brother? Why is it acceptable for you and so wrong for me?

  2. Anon – no one stops you from bettering yourself. Just stay in your own country and help to build it up. Why go to a foreign country when you’re needed in yours? Most of your people end up doing crime or living off social benefits once they get to their new country. And please don’t tell me that’s not the case – just go onto the web and open your eyes when you read. If it weren’t for your brothers in South Africa, who go around killing whoever they feel like then I wouldn’t have left my country. And you're right – I had a quality education under the Apartheid government – just like the blacks did at the same time. Your god, Mandela, is a qualified lawyer after all – how do you think that happened? The blacks under the Apartheid government had the best education, living quality, life expectancy and lived relatively crime free under the white government, who gave them land and money for free. But, that wasn't enough. They also wanted to go into the white areas – where we lived in peace amongst our own people. Unfortunately, your brothers don’t think further than the now and if they want something they will kill for it – how can you expect us to live like that? We are a peaceful, God fearing people, but we live in fear for lives now. That is why I now live in Australia – among my own people, culture and religion. I was a foreigner in my own land. You don’t have that excuse. You can better your own people if you wanted to – but it’s too hard. You rather want to go where other people have done all the hard work to build a country – so easy then to destroy and feel nothing. Then, if you don’t get your way you cry racism. We as whites are sick of that excuse every time you and your brothers don’t get your way. Stay where you are and look after your own people – no one else is going to do it. And if you think that’s hate then you are a very sad person.

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