Al Gore: The Media Has Failed in Covering the Climate Crisis

It’s amazing that Gore still doesn’t get that the “climate change” farce has been exposed and now blames the media for failing to report the crisis. Yes! It’s the Medias fault……that he only has 3 homes in Malibu and a ranch in Santa Barbara and a vintage car collection and flies around in a private jet. The media has been failing conservatives for decades and it hasn’t worked out THAT well for us! This farce has recently been rebranded as Global Climate Crisis when we had just gotten used to calling it ‘climate change’ (which had already been rebranded from global cooling, then global warming and before that, I believe, weather) – and then he wonders why we just don’t believe! Enough already!!

And whilst on the subject, Mr Gore please explain this latest statement from the IPCC:
“Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.”

For some time, the media has failed to appropriately cover the climate crisis. A new report from Oxford University’s Reuters Institution for the Study of Journalism provides us with a snapshot of the problem:

Less than 10 percent of the news articles written about last year’s climate summit in Copenhagen dealt primarily with the science of climate change, a study showed on Monday.

Based on analysis of 400 articles written about the December 2009 summit, the authors of the report for Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism called for a rethinking of reporting on future such conferences.

Author James Painter concluded that “science was under-reported” as the essential backdrop when about 120 world leaders met in Copenhagen but were unable to agree on a binding treaty to slow climate change.

Our media has a responsibility to educate the public on issues affecting the planet. Covering the climate crisis only as a political issue shields from public view the vital scientific and moral elements of the debate.



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  1. The issue of climate change is deeply troubling. It is only common sense that we are having an unprecedented impact on our environment given the number of people that inhabit earth. Our environment is in deep, deep trouble. Every day I see the ignorance that my friends and family display about the simplest of things, like they aren't aware that something like black wattle is an alien invasive plant that is marching across the landscape and choking every river and stream in South Africa. That is just one tiny example of things going haywire in nature. I am privileged to witness these things without having to rely on media reports. There are a million more examples. As much as I despise the environmental movement in its present form, something which borders on ideological fundamentalism in my opinion, I worry that we are not making any progress in limiting our environmental impacts.

    I am glad that cap-and-trade legislation is not being implemented in the US. The concept is a complete and total disaster because of the 'trade' component. However, we still need to cap our pollution. Right now the world has not even began a discussion about capping our pollution because invariably it leads to a discussion about population control. And we all know how much of a taboo that subject is. Unbelievable.

    We are going to face a major environmental catastrophe very soon. I just don't know what it's going to be. But once the first pillar snaps, the rest of the pillars holding up humanity will come tumbling down too.

    The arrogance towards our environment that we display is simply astounding.

  2. @FE: I agree with everything you say. We all know that pollution if more of a concern than “climate change” yet no one discusses it. They obviously see there's no money in that and you can't quite scare people with pollution as you can with the scary climate change. Same as “the sky will fall on our heads” in the old days. Keep people in fear to control them. No one discusses that between them, China and India have nearly 2.5 billion people! How much food, water, energy etc does it take daily to keep them alive? No one asks how much “carbon” this amount of people creates daily. Yet, they pick on Australia, with a population of 22 million to pay for their carbon use! China builds 1 new power station (coal) every 2 weeks and no one says anything. This hypocrisy and smoke and mirrors by the elite is sickening. If the UN would stop handing out money to countries that can't afford to keep its people then most of the problems would be solved. Nature can look after herself – if left alone. But the bleeding hearts keep pumping money into countries that should have lower populations. How can nature compete? Pollution is the scurge – not the climate and the sooner we address that the better. When I see politicians raise this as an issue then that's who'll get my vote.

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