Lawmakers school Obama on national motto

Oops! How can your President not know the national motto of the country that he represents? I mean, “out of many, one” and “In God We Trust” are poles apart. You can’t even blame it on the fact that they’re similar and he got confused. This guy is an embarrassment to America. I’m not an American nor do I live there, but even I know the motto of the country!

A letter signed by 42 members of Congress criticizes President Barack Obama for telling students in Indonesia last month that America’s national motto is “E Pluribus Unum.”

Obama commented to the students last month that the U.S. and Indonesia share a similar history. “It is a story written into our national mottos. In the United States, our motto is ‘E Pluribus Unum’ — out of many, one.”

In a letter to the White House, members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus — mostly Republican — note that the national motto has been “In God We Trust” since 1956.

The caucus chairman, Congressman Randy Forbes (R-Virginia), says “In God We Trust” is too important to be forgotten. He says he and his fellow congressmen want to “make sure that we stand by that proposition and don’t retreat from it.”

In God We Trust
In a statement on the caucus website, Forbes states: “For the President of the United States to incorrectly state something as foundational as our national motto in another country is unacceptable. The President is the primary representative of our nation to the world, and whether mistake or intention, his actions cast aside an integral part of American society. President Reagan once warned that ‘If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.‘”

According to Forbes, the letter signed by the lawmakers “simply asks the president to correct [his] statement and to make sure when he’s giving speeches in the future that he gets that correct.”

The White House had no immediate comment on the letter.


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  1. When others are singing the national anthem, he doesn't even sing along, he also doesn't even hold his fist/hand on his chest – he just slouches around until it's over. Saw a video. He couldn't care less. Didn't even want to wear those American flag pins on the campaign trail. His racism is blatantly obvious in his books.

    Disgusting. Everything he does and says shows that he is out to destroy America, from suing Jan Brewer of Arizona over illegals, to supporting the Ground Zero Mosque, to quantitative easing, to suing banks on behalf of ACORN to enforce affirmative action banking policies which lead to the economic crisis (then blaming McCain and others who tried to stop it by regulations such as the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 co-sponsored by him).

    He also wants Middle Eastern involvement in NASA, because despite the fact that they never needed muslim help before in putting people on the moon, build space stations, the Mars Rover and the Hubble Telescope, they now suddenly can't get to Mars on their own. Then there's the New START treaty which aims at disarming America to the benefit of signatories like Iran, Russia, China, North-Korea & co. who will end up better armed than America.

    He also recently signed away $1.25bn for black US farmers.

    He is a spy and a muslim Trojan Horse with the sole aim of destroying America. Why the **** has still not been impeached and found guilty of treason is beyond me! I wouldn't be surprised if he is behind that WikiLeaks attack against America and its people.

  2. “According to Forbes, the letter signed by the lawmakers “simply asks the president to correct [his] statement and to make sure when he's giving speeches in the future that he gets that correct”.”

    Just shows you how anti-American he is.

    He'll probably blame the person who had to type that into the teleprompter. He's notorious for his reliance on teleprompters. Zuma does the same, it's just move obvious because it's low-tech – just uses paper.

  3. @Anon – America needed an Obama to happen to wake them up so in some ways it's a good thing he got in. I just can't believe how much he's managed to kill the country in the short 2 years he's been in power. Unfortunately, by dumbing down the kids in school, America is going to have a hard time getting this mess sorted out. The AfAm (blacks) are so out of touch with reality – they literally think that the money grows on trees there – and the Latino's are another worry. I think the whites have finally figured out that all that “democracy” may not have been a good thing!

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