UK: Cancun climate conference – the warmists’ last Mexican wave

And so the Cancun Conference closes, not with a bang but a whimper. No new agreements—in fact, at the beginning of the conference Japan repudiated the Kyoto protocol. The brief statement made by Jun Arima, an official in the government’s economics trade and industry department, was the strongest yet made against the 1997 agreement. “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances,” Arima said. There is little doubt that this conference has been an even bigger a failure than Copenhagen. Once again, the world’s collected climate change fanatics threw the dice and lost. In gambling parlance, Cancun crapped out. No progress to show and embarrassment all around—I love it when a plan falls apart.

If, last week, frozen behind a snowdrift, you heard a faint hysterical squeaking, it might well have been the sound of those 20,000 delegates holed up behind a wall of armed security guards in the sun-drenched Mexican holiday resort of Cancun, telling each other that the world is more threatened by runaway global warming than ever. Between their tequilas and lavish meals paid for by the world’s taxpayers, they heard how, by 2060, global temperatures will have risen by 4 degrees Celsius; how the Maldives and Tuvalu are sinking below the waves faster than ever; how the survival of salmon is threatened by CO2-induced acidification of the oceans; how the UN must ban incandescent light bulbs throughout the world.

“Scientists”, we were told, are calling for everyone to be issued with a “carbon ration card”, to halt all Western economic growth for 20 years.

Meanwhile, Dr Rajendra Pachauri was telling us that we must spend hundreds of billions on covering the world’s oceans with iron filings, on building giant mirrors out in space and on painting all the world’s roofs white to keep out the heat from the sun.

The most obvious thing about all this ritualised scaremongering was how stale it all was. Not one of these points hasn’t been a cliche for years.The only scientist who believes we should all be issued with carbon ration cards is a Prof Kevin Anderson, who has been saying it since 2004. It is only those same old computer models that predict that Tuvalu and the Maldives are about to drown, when real measurements show the sea around them not to be rising at all. Far from the oceans acidifying, their pH currently ranges between 7.9 and 8.3, putting them very firmly on the alkaline side of the threshold, at 7.0.

The prediction that global temperatures will rise by four degrees in 50 years comes from that same UK Met Office computer which five weeks ago was telling us we were about to enjoy a “milder than average” winter, after three years when it has consistently got every one of its winter and summer forecasts hopelessly wrong. (And the reason why our local authorities are already fast running out of salt is that they were silly enough to believe them.)

When Vicky Pope, the Met Office’s Head of Climate Change Advice, wanted to fly out from Gatwick to Cancun to tell them that 2010 is the hottest year on record, she was trapped by inches of the same global warming that her £33 million computer had failed to predict.

As for all that “geo-engineering” make-believe which has been peddled for years, about giant mirrors and covering the sea with iron filings, it comes straight from Swift’s Academy of Lagado – as fanciful as the idea that we can save the planet by forcing everyone to use those miserable mercury-vapour “low-energy” light bulbs, or that we can pipe away all the carbon dioxide from power stations to store it in holes under the North Sea.

What we are seeing here is one of the greatest collective flights from reality in the history of the human race. As western Europe shivers to a halt and our energy bills soar through the roof, the time has come when we should all start to get seriously angry with our politicians for being carried away by all this claptrap.

Why, for instance, when our public debt is still rising by £3 billion a week, do we allow our Government to ring-fence £2.9 billion of our money to help the developing world to build useless wind turbines and solar panels?

Why do we tolerate a Parliament which blithely commits us to spending £18.3 billion every year for 40 years under the Climate Change Act, without having the faintest idea how we are going to keep our lights on?

The global warming scare may have been fun for the children while it lasted. But the time has come for the joke to be declared well and truly over.



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  1. What made me realise the whole man-made global-warming thing was probably bollox, was when Tony Blair began flapping his gums on the issue.

    Noticeably, he did so only shortly before leaving office. Clearly this fraud (TB in this case, not global warming), thinks he's a great world statesman. However, if any premier in modern British history has done more to introduce the police state than lie-through-my-teeth Blair, I don't know who they are.

    Lame politicians like Al Gore consider global warming as the Holy Grail problem confronting us, but then he would, wouldn't he, as he is bereft of anything sensible to say otherwise.

    Is there some truth in the man-made global-warming hypothesis? Possibly, but I'm very wary of anything that smacks of the “new inquisition.”

  2. All these climate- and carbon taxes are just another way to 'redistribute' (read steal) wealth… They should find another way to support their commie cause.

    There used to be a time when applying for a visa to visit America included questions such as “were you ever a member of the communist party?”, sadly they have now hijacked the country.

    But people are waking up and getting angry. One of these days those questions will be added again. Hell, they already basically molest you and subject you to a virtual stripsearch when you go there.

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