Gadaffi calls for single African army

I don’t know which planet Gadaffi lives on but it just can’t be on this one. He wants Africa to have a sole African government with a single African army! Can you imagine the mayhem of all the dictators trying to head up this African “government” let alone the army. Gadaffi uses the specter of slavery (much as the ANC uses Apartheid) to scaremonger. Hey Gadaffi – slavery was started by the Arabs, who sold the Africans to the rest of the world. You are the last one to speak on this subject! In any case, let’s not even think about the joke of a unified African government (still laughing hysterically at that one), but let’s just focus for a minute on the army he wants to establish. NO African country currently has a half-way decent army. Long ago they did, when South Africa was still a civilised country and where the rest of Africa were terrified of their military might. Now they’re HIV infested pussy cats lazing in the sun, waiting to strike for more pay. Can you imagine how effectively this African army would mobilise? One million tribal  Africans “working” together; each chattering in their own language; no one listening to the other; looking for their next rape victims. Why! Yes, I can just imagine how petrified the rest of the world would be of that army! Good one Mo.
Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi pushed again on Tuesday his dream for a sole African government and was backed by Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade as he urged the creation of a single African army.

Dressed in flowing gold robes, Libya’s maverick leader told a ceremony at a festival in Senegal celebrating black identity and culture that Africa was “experiencing a new submissiveness”.
He described the continent as “prey that all the world’s wolves want to devour” by monopolising its mineral resources or fisheries.
Army to consist of a ‘million soldiers’

“Down with imperialism! Africa must unite, so that we do not again become serfs or slaves,” he said.

“It is necessary to establish a unity government for the African continent and that Africa has one army … which could consist of a million soldiers,” he said.

“Even the South African army is worthless to Nato or the United States of America. Even Libya is not even able to protect its territorial waters alone.”

Kadhafi (68) appeared to improvise his speech, which was made in Arabic and translated simultaneously into French.

The Senegalese leader said: “We ask, here and now, for the establishment of the United States of Africa, the only solution to free our peoples and … make Africa a major cultural, economic, political and social whole which will be respected.”

The presidents spoke in front of several hundred young people gathered on stairs leading to a massive bronze African Renaissance statue built by North Korea and inaugurated in April for the 50th anniversary of Senegal’s independence.

Also present were Guinea-Bissau President Malam Bacai Sanha, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Cape Verde President Pedro Pires.



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  1. What? How dare you! The state of the art new SANDF is the ONLY reason those rapacious Americans, Chinese, British etc. haven't fallen on us like a pack of wolves! Such an efficient military needs to be extended to the whole continent. I salute Gadaffi for this excellent idea.

    Furthermore, Africa has no shortage of fine world leaders and statesmen who could lead the people of Africa into wondrous utopian unity. Take our illustrious President Zuma, for example. Dignified, honest and the very model of discipline and sobriety – especially in matters sexual.

  2. Just imagine the insane frenzy when it comes to deciding who will be the eternal super illustrious leader of the african union. I can just see old rubber prick mugabe taking a swipe at gadaffi in his gold dress………..any idea where we can get front row tickets.

  3. Great pic. Copied and sent it all over. Thanks, Joe

  4. The establishment of a “united states of africa ” has been a dream goal of the new world order psycopaths for a very long time even old rhodes was part of the club ,so they should leave him where he is ,he will be in good company soon

  5. Africans have no time for soldiering, the yellow man wants his resources, NOW!

  6. These coons can't even run a single municipality of a small town, not to mention a province, a region or – God forbid – a country. How on earth do these black idiots expect to run a continent?

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