On holidays…..

That’s it for me until around 17 January next year. Thanks for visiting my blog this past year and I hope you’ll return in 2011. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all….LL


About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. I like your blog – it is reasonable in it's arguments and presentation; there is nothing inherently biased or “extremist” in what you report. Find your opinions interesting too.

    So, from this reader at least, goed gaan and all the best for Kersfees and the new year!

  2. Dankie Krok – I find your comments also very insightful and balanced. I'm not an extremist in any way but I do care about our people and the hypocrisy of the world when it comes to certain matters. We just need to keep fighting the good fight in the best way we can. Tot volgende jaar.

  3. Have a good one LL. Have many beers on me…till 11 – cheers

  4. All the best for the New Year! Thanks for a great blog.

  5. Happy Holidays Lime Lite. Keep up the great work, Your friend in the southern US, Joe

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