Australia: Seven arrested for gang rape

Welcome to the country of diversity! Yes, let’s import more of these fine upstanding people so that they can unleash their culture on the rest of the innocent. My they do start their barbarianism quite young….

SEVEN males have been charged with the gang rape of a woman in Bendigo.

Police allege the men unlawfully imprisoned and repeatedly raped the woman at a residence in Flora Hill early on Sunday.

Four of the men, Mohammad Zaoli, 21, Mohammed Elnour, 18, Aru Gar, 19, and Akoak Manon, 18, appeared via video link in the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday. They each face 17 charges, including 14 of rape. The other three accused are aged 14, 16 and 17 and cannot be named. They appeared in a children’s court on the same 17 charges.

Zaoli, Elnour, Gar and Manon were remanded in custody until Friday when they were expected to seek bail. Their co-accused were expected to apply for bail in a children’s court on the same day.



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  1. Freaking bloody muslim scum – let their women wear masks while they rape our people

  2. Here in SA, we live with the kaffirs. In Oz, your government let them in, in the first place.

    It is up to you to change your government.

  3. Aussies…for God's sake, just look around the Western world and wee what “diversity” and immigration have brought on the host countries… How could you then not RUN the powers-that-be and insist that your borders be locked tightly. Australia is perhaps the white man's only remaining hope.

  4. @anon

    White man's only remaining hope

    My question is: For how long?

  5. Andrew Bolt and topix australia are following this story

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