The Weakest Link: Dupnik

I’ve been following all the hate-filled leftist media propaganda regarding the motive for the shootings by Jared Loughner of Gov Giffords and 18 other people over the week-end. At times I’ve been left speechless at the audacity of the liberal MSM to blatantly smear the Right and blame amongst others: Sarah Palin, Rush Limbagh, Glenn Beck, Fox News etc etc. I mean, that they can’t see that this loon acted on his own and needs to take responsibility for his own actions is just typical of the excuse-loving libs – they, after all, believe that no one is to blame for their actions and it’s always outside sources that prompt people to act out.  What does strike me is the swiftness that Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik managed to lay the blame of “vitriol and rhetoric” on the Right – almost as if he has something to hide. As expected, all his fellow libtards have used this same party line ad nauseum to attack the Right. How a Sheriff can, without any facts, jump to a conclusion, broadcast it on national TV/Radio and gift Loughner’s defense attorneys with a wonderful excuse for his actions and STILL keep his job is unbelievable. Liberals need to be rounded up and separated from us common folk so that they can live happily together in their utopia – leaving me and the rest of the conservatives to live in the real world…..

NYC Mayor Bloomberg is no longer the most incompetent local official in America. The torch has been passed to Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik for his disastrous mishandling of Jared Loughner who went on a shooting rampage.

Dupnik’s non stop blathering about how talk radio drove Loughner to shoot into a crowd was crazy enough. As the county’s top law enforcement officer, Dupnik is supposed to be investigating a crime, not campaigning for higher office on the Democrat ticket.

It’s bad enough that his comments are gifts to Loughner’s defense attorneys. It’s downright Holderesque to assert phony facts without a scintilla of actual evidence.

But the sheriff desperately needs to deflect attention away from himself and his gross incompetence when it comes to all matters Jared Loughner. This is not one of those cases in which a normally “nice, quiet kid” suddenly goes berserk. People who knew Loughner were hardly surprised to learn he was the shooter. They were expecting him to do something like this.

Even the NYT admits Loughner was well known to law enforcement, as was his not exactly normal family:

He was a nihilist and loves causing chaos, and that is probably why he did the shooting, along with the fact he was sick in the head,’ said Zane Gutierrez, 21, who was living in a trailer outside Tucson and met Mr. Loughner sometimes to shoot at cans for target practice.

The police visited the Loughner home more than once before the shooting. A college instructor was so unnerved by the kid that he kicked Loughner out of class. Loughner had five contacts with the campus police. Fifty two year old former classmate, Lynda Sorenson:

We have a mentally unstable person in the class that scares the living crap out of me. He is one of those whose picture you see on the news, after he has come into class with an automatic weapon. Everyone interviewed would say, Yeah, he was in my math class and he was really weird. I sit by the door with my purse handy. If you see it on the news one night, know that I got out fast…

A fifty two year old female has a pretty well honed intuition. Maybe she should be Pima’s next sheriff.

Loughner’s fixation with Gabrielle Giffords began during the pre Palin era of 2007.

It won’t take a lot of testing to determine that Loughner is paranoid schizophrenic. Most mentally ill people are not dangerous–this group is an exception. It’s also a disorder especially resistant to treatment. Doctors and therapists are viewed as part of the conspiracy, not as helpers.

Sheriff Dupnik’s ignorance of such a dangerous mental disorder is frightening. The hallmark of schizophrenia is that the patient responds to internal rather than external cues. These are the people who hear voices.

’Jared felt nothing existed but his subconscious,’ Mr. Gutierrez said. ‘The dream world was what was real to Jared, not the day-to-day of our lives.’

That’s a pretty good description of schizophrenia. When those delusions are paranoid in nature, you have an unpredictably dangerous person. Loughner’s rage was directed at the demons in his own mind. Unfortunately, he perceives them as being part of the external world.

Too bad the sheriff missed all of that.

Perhaps stationing a deputy or two at the Giffords event would have been prudent given all the sheriff knew about Loughner’s history.

Or perhaps Dupnik could have taken this young man’s obvious mental illness seriously over the years.

It says a lot about Dupnik’s weakness of character that he cannot even entertain the possibility that he may bear some responsibility for the tragedy. Let’s hope we see recall petitions floating around soon enough.



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  1. Thank you. As a young American liberal in the NE I am saddened that what you just shared wasn't known to me. I admit I wasn't paying much attention to the news at the time but I believe I did hear about connections to the right wing rhetoric. I am disappointed in your quick transition to anti-liberal rhetoric. I wish people would stop assuming that all liberals are pretentious and unrealistic. Just because the overbearing soccer-moms are the loudest doesn't mean people like me don't exist. People who believe in gun ownership, but that those like the above mentioned individual should not have guns. We also realize that there is a problem in who decides who is too crazy to own a gun. We realize that the government abuses power but also that the government has the (potential) power to help. We the youth wish that the government was not corrupt, but not necessarily that it didn't exist. I wonder why we can't just sit down and work on solutions instead of shouting at each other from opposite sites of the aisle. Is the aisle really such a great schism?

  2. @iTalk – I suppose the reason why many conservative people are not fans of liberals is that they make the biggest noise and force their views down our throats. You must be the first liberal person that I've come across that actually sounds sane and balanced – you are in the minority. We conservatives are generally very accepting as long as others don't try to shove their views down our throats. We don't all believe in the kumbaya view of the world where everyone (and all races and cultures) live in harmony forever and ever. We live in reality where we can see for ourselves what is happening. Don't tell me it's red and it's blue – no matter how hard you shout. I have a thinking brain and no amount of people shoving their agenda down my throat is going to change it. BTW – you may identify with being liberal now but I can guarantee you, once you've settled down, maybe have a family and a job, your view of the world will change. When you're young you believe in what people tell you. As you get older you start seeing reality. Why do you think that the Unions and any radical group targets the youth? Think Islam as a prime example – most of the suicide bombers are young and impressionable. You sound very reasonable and you'll come to our side eventually.

  3. haha….dipshit

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