South Africa: Black students still suppressed – Vavi

When you have communist union leaders telling Black African students that they are being given a “D” passmark so that they can’t proceed further with their studies, whilst other’s collect “A’s” (not sure who he’s referring to – couldn’t possibly be the students who actually work for their grades, could it?) – then you know that there is little hope for South Africa. Mr Vavi – African students get the pass mark they work for – there is no “conspiracy” against them. If anything, they are massaged, encouraged, cajoled, bribed etc. to just attend classes, let alone open a book and study! However, the majority think they should just be given everything without working for it cause that’s the African way and they are the previously disadvantaged after all. South Africa sits with the economy it does today because of what has been done to the education system by the Black ANC government- go blame your own comrades. They wouldn’t be able to cut it in most Western universities and today’s South African “degrees” are not recognised in many countries. Yeah, Mr Vavi, keep this vitriol up – it is after all aimed at the next generation of union workers who will be paying your salary…PS – I think your slogan should be changed to “Right NOT To Learn Campaign” – it better describes the mentality South Africa is dealing with.

 Johannesburg – Black students are still suppressed, Congress of SA Trade Unions general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Friday.

“They give you D’s so that you do not proceed further with your studies and others unjustifiably collect A’s, but always know what this is meant to do… destroy your confidence in your own intellect,” he said.

“But what you must never allow, comrades, as you fight against these practices, is to let them instil in you a sense of self-doubt, a lack of confidence in your intellect.”

Vavi was speaking at the launch of the the SA Students’ Congress (Sasco) “Right To Learn Campaign” in Stellenbosch.

“…I think you should not let up on the continued suppression of black students in general and African students in particular.

“This Right to Learn Campaign must escalate the issue of preferential treatment and discrimination … so that those discriminated against are blocked from proceeding further with their studies,” Vavi said, adding that the biggest threat of all was the remnants of neo-liberal macroeconomic policies.

He told those in attendance that they should’nt be surprised to hear that all promises made to the tertiary education sector have been rolled over to the next administration.

“Therefore you should use this Right to Learn Campaign as a platform to launch your own engagement process with the government’s new growth path.”

Vavi said administrative injustices were still rampant in many institutions.

“The role of the revolutionary student movement in this conjuncture must be to serve as an ‘ear on the ground’ for the ANC-led government.”



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  1. The problem is that to them denial is “da rivva dat rans tru Effrika”

  2. That river goes on forever!

  3. His IQ and the room temperature are exactly the same. Thats with the aircon set to low..

  4. Hmmmm…why not follow America's example in order to encourage black students become scholars – re-write the history books to prominently feature the huge contributions to Western Civilization that the Negro has made. Everyone knows that America's greatness is entirely due to its “African-American” citizens.

  5. Yet again the good ship egalitarianism can be seen floundering on the rocks of reality.

  6. Hang on! I remember getting an H for biology back in std nine during one term (clearly not my favourite subject back then), but I realise now it wasn't because I had been lazy and couldn't be bothered to take notes or study, or pay attention in class – no! It was because I had been unfairly discriminated against! Obviously.

    And to think, many other of my classmates did so much better at biology than me, all unfairly no doubt. I mean, just cos they studied…

    I shall be writing to the board of edumackashun in SA for a very back-dated A grade for the examination concerned. It's only fair, according to the Cosatu Einstein above.

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