USA: Tim Wise – anti-White liberal who hates right wingers and wants them dead

I have just come across a person with the name of Tim Wise. Apparently he’s known in the USA for his Marxist-liberal ideology and he hates all Right leaning White folk and wants them to die (wonder if they should suffer or would a clean shot be better for you Mr Wise?). Ahh – you gotta love these “Progressive’s” for their tolerance and understanding of people with a different opinion to them. But, no, Mr Wise was at the back of the line when God handed out functioning brains it seems. I’m sure Mr Wise thinks he’s very witty and intelligent – his day job, after all is to visit US College’s and preach to the young, gullible fertile minds, about how white man = evil and any other race = good. He admits in the video clip below, that gosh, he has a White wife and White kids – I mean, it’s OK for him to stick to his own race but everyone else needs to be diversified! Of course, it goes without saying that his family are the chosen ones and are allowed to live as they are not Right wing. He is also an anti-racist activist and has a Jewish father. Yeah, there it is again; another liberal Jew White race hater. Just seems to be so darn many of them around these days. I wonder if they get born with a defective gene that activates when they hear the words “White man” and “slavery” in the same sentence. In any case, during his College years, he was part of the anti-Apartheid movement. Of course he was! That was, after all, the obligatory group to join for any White male with a small penis back in the 70-80’s. It seems Mr Wise has forgotten to visit South Africa recently to see how his social justice experiment turned out. I see that he has 2 daughters aged 9 and 7. He should definitely take them for an evening stroll through any of the Black South African townships. Not that there is any danger of them being gang-raped and murdered; no, only so that he can see how the true South African Blacks live under his sanctioned Black Marxist ANC government. I wonder if he’s heard about the Potgieter family who were brutally murdered in December last year (husband hacked to death with a machete and wife killed with a bullet to the head) and whose 3-year old daughter, Willemien, was also murdered execution style? Mr Wise, in case you haven’t heard: 3 year old Willmien was taken to an outside room by 6 Black males, screaming and crying for her parents; a gun was placed against the back of her head and she was shot dead (we’ll hear later if she was also raped – this is the New South Africa’s national sport these days. I’ve posted a picture below to jog your memory). Nah, on second thoughts, I bet you haven’t heard about her because you would’ve gone on CNN to say how happy you are that these vile, evil White Afrikaners are finally getting what they deserve!

Potgieter Willemien 3 massacred on Lindley farm execution style Dec12010
Mr Wise is a very busy man – he makes his money ramping up anti-White hate-speech. He is way too busy to actually practise what he preaches i.e living in these Marxist Utopias he so readily preaches about. Ahh, yes, these superior Progressives – how ever would we cope as a species without having their higher intellect and moral standards imposed on our lives? I for one am very grateful to Mr Wise – he reminds me daily why I am a White race realist and I don’t plan on dying for a while. Sorry to disappoint you, Mr Wise…..

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  1. I couldn't even make it 45 seconds into this video before I either had to turn it off or become physicaly ill.

  2. Die ou is n eerste klas DOOS !

  3. How liberals dare criticize Fox News is beyond me.

  4. Tim Wise is not White. He is a jew. That little known fact being concealed allows (un)Wise to legitimize his anti-White hatred and assume the status of “conscientious objector” to what he erroneously refers to as “White Privilege.”

    That the media gives this charlatan a big stage to spew this venom, tells you what the agenda really is.

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