Canada: Sandwich bag gets boy excluded from class contest

You know that the world has gone crazy when your child gets told that they’re a nothing because they brought their school lunch in a……plastic bag! It’s times like these that I wish I was either a teacher at this school or a parent! What’s next for our kids? Maybe they should be made to walk to school, naked – after all, cars and buses are evil and washing your body uses water and energy! I know! Let’s make them sit outside, under the trees – like they do in Africa. No buildings, no playground (you have to water those you see). Heck – why even allow them to have lunch or drink cooldrink at all? They’re only going to want to go to the toilet and use water to flush! Yes, let’s punish our kids for the collective sins of all us environment-hating people. If only there was a way to stop them breathing too….. All bow down to our new god Gaia.

A couple in Laval, Que. has sparked a fierce debate over how far schools should go to teach children about environmental responsibility after their six-year-old son was shut out of a kindergarten draw to win a stuffed animal because he had an environmentally unfriendly sandwich bag in his lunchbox.

Marc-André Lanciault said he hadn’t heard of the school’s draw or any environmental policy until his wife, Isabel Théorêt, was making their son Félix a sandwich and he begged them not to put it in a plastic bag.

“He said, ‘No mommy, you can’t do that. Not a Ziploc,’ ” Mr. Lanciault said.

Through tears, the boy told his parents that the school had held a draw to win a stuffed teddy bear and only children who didn’t have any plastic sandwich bags could enter. The family normally uses Tupperware, but it was all in the dishwasher, and so they had packed their son’s ham sandwich in a plastic bag.

When Mr. Lanciault questioned his son’s teacher, she confirmed the school had staged the draw at a lunchtime daycare and that any student with a plastic sandwich bag was excluded. “You know Mr. Lanciault, it’s not very good for the environment,” the teacher told him. “We have to take care of the our planet and the bags do not decompose well.”

Mr. Lanciault said he objects to the fact that a school would penalize a kindergartner for his parents’ choice to use non-recyclable lunch containers and that his son hadn’t learned any valuable environmental lessons, except to fear plastic bags.

Read here for more on this stupid story


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