Islamic flood coming to U.S.?

Madness, madness, madness. Obama is playing a very dangerous game and America is going to suffer. When Israeli Middle East experts warn, you listen. They know because they live amongst these people. A lot of people are anti-Israel – I am not. I despise the liberal Jews, especially those residing in America, but just as you have liberal Jews, so too do you have liberal Whites. Israel has been under severe international attack these last few years. They are the latest project of the liberal lala-land idiots, and boy are they working it! You need to keep the bigger picture in mind. What do you think will happen if Israel were to fall? Do you honestly think these Muslim fanatics are going to be happy? Who do you think they’ll invade next, because I can guarantee you that they’ll take a lot out of a victory over Israel. Remember what happened to South Africa after the liberals wet their pants trying to destroy our nation. Our government caved in to their demands and look what has become of the country? And where are these same liberals today with regards to South Africa? Why, they’ve moved on….to Israel – their next target to destroy in their childish games. Israel does not have a friend in Obama. He is slowly destroying all trust with many of America’s Middle East allies – trust that has been built up over many Administrations. But, what you need to keep an eye on is what he’s doing to America. He is now allowing previously banned fanatical Muslim Brotherhood members into America – which is sure to be followed by tens of millions of Muslim illegals invading the country for “amnesty”. America has got a problem and they better wake up!

An Israeli author and expert on the Middle East is warning Americans that Islamic immigrants could possibly flood the U.S. as a result of the events taking place in Egypt.

Israel National News recently reported that the Obama administration has decided to allow Islamic professor Tariq Ramadan to enter the United States. Ramadan, an Egyptian who currently lives in Switzerland, is a leading member of Europe’s Muslim Brotherhood branch and is the grandson of the movement’s founder. He was invited to teach at the University of Notre Dame in 2004, but the Bush administration revoked his visa because of donations he made to a blacklisted charity.

However, the Obama administration has now decided to lift the ban and possibly allow Ramadan and Adam Habib, another Muslim professor, onto U.S. soil.

“I’m sure you’ve heard many times that Washington, DC, is now flooded with Muslims in very high positions in the U.S. administration, and these Muslims already control the gates,” notes Avi Lipkin, an Israeli scholar and author who has traveled throughout the U.S. to warn Americans about the threat of Islam. “The floodgates are open. The Muslims are coming in in tremendous numbers into the U.S.”

But he warns that the floodgates will only get worse when illegal aliens gain their amnesty.

“What we will be seeing, I’m afraid, will be an amnesty for the illegal immigrants in America,” Lipkin laments. “Once the amnesty takes place for the Latin Americans, then they will get ready for the next wave of illegals, which will be the tens of millions of Muslims who are going to be flooding into the U.S., especially Egyptians and Palestinians.”

Meanwhile, the State Department has declared that it no longer considers Ramadan or Habib to be a threat to the United States.



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  1. Now you Zionst Jews , don't you notice that your impudent remarks on president Obama are camouflaging your racism against blacks rather than Muslims.Isn't it enough that the US is the only country in the UN that advocates your settlements construction in the occupied territories (knowing that the 27000 sq. km of Palestine is actually an occupied land)?,Isn't it enough 4400 American soldiers killed in Iraq for the goal of destroying the dangerous military arsenal of Saddam Hussein against Israel? Isn't it enough that Israel is linked with USA with the strongest military protection treaties ? What do you want else ? To impose upon Americans their food menu?

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