Amsterdam: Anti-Jewish Slogans during Dialogue Ramble

An ‘interreligious dialogue march’ was organised by Jews and Christians in Amsterdam — attempting to “build bridges”, “enter into dialogue”, and “build trust” between Muslims and people of their own faith. Only problem with this little episode was that no one trusted the Muslim youth to know where the march was being held in case of intimidation! Yes, I can see how this was going to be a brilliant success. The only youths that need to “build bridges” are the Muslim fanatics and if the organisers thought a little march was going to cure them of their fever, then you have to openly laugh at the organisers. Needless to say, the visions of Kumbaya singing and hand-holding between Jews and Muslims didn’t occur (shock!) and instead the Jews were serenaded with anti-Jewish slogans by the tolerant Muslim youth. It’s a wonder they made it to their destination in one piece. The head honcho Muslim in the march took the opportunity to push for Islamic schools, as he believes the youth wouldn’t be behaving this badly were they being indoctrinated taught by more radical Muslims. Geert Wilders seen nodding….not.

An ‘interreligious dialogue march’ in Amsterdam has been marred by anti-Semitic shouting.

Prominent religious leaders walked from the Nour mosque in Amsterdam West to a church and a synagogue on Wednesday. Which synagogue this would be was not announced beforehand to avoid intimidation by Islamic youths.

Among the participants were Kursat Bal of the Muslims and Government Contact Body (CMO), Rabbi Raphael Evers and J. Plaisier of the Protestant Church Netherlands (PKN). In fact, they spoke more with the press than with each other.

Along the route, anti-Jewish slogans regularly sounded from the mouths of Islamic youths. Arriving at the synagogue, Kursat Bal excused himself for them. “These youngsters do not know Jews and they do not know their own Islam.”

The solution that Bal suggested was remarkable. “They would not have shouted these things if they had been going to Islamic schools.”



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  1. the bunch of arseholes who sincerely believed they would accomplish something by this warm fuzzy march should rather have their skulls bashed in by the muslims, that would have a far better effect in waking them the fuck up!

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