Israel: more education is needed to combat intermarriage

Israeli women are becoming concerned with the number of intermarriages occurring  in the country – mostly Jewish women with Muslim men (how the heck did that happen in Israel of all places?). There are currently 92 000 mixed families living in Israel. If only the White race would also wake up. I see it daily – mixed couples, usually a White with another race. What you don’t see as frequently are other non-White races in relationships with each other and I have to question this. Why don’t you see Indians with Blacks? Or Indians with Asians (proper); or Blacks and Arabs etc? Why are the most common mixed relationship that between a White person and an “other”? Are Whites so stupid? Obviously the answer is yes. The White race is on a mission of racial suicide. White couples are not having enough children – that’s the bottom line. It is predicted by 2055, Whites will be in the minority in the USA. Why aren’t Whites having children? Because Western countries tend to have high tax burdens and it costs a fortune to raise a child Western style. And of course, Whites want their “stuff” and “stuff” costs a lot of money, so children are left off the “need to have” list. Not so for the minorities that tend to live in cheaper housing and pack many families into a house. They don’t mind living on top of each other – like rats. They are also most likely to suck off the Western welfare teat, to the detriment of the native White population. The Whites earn the money for the non-Whites to reproduce. Governments are complicit in this – all for the purpose of feel-good policies – in fact, we throw open our doors and pay them to come on over and live the good life for free. White guilt at its best. Not only are Whites not having children, but the few that do get born are sent to school, where they are further indoctrinated to believe that interracial relationships are normal and cool – as also seen on TV. I see this daily. And the “other’ races always aim for that gullible White idiot that has no pride in themselves or their race. And who is to blame? The parents, for not raising them right – and by right I mean instilling race pride in them. Israel is starting to become concerned, and so should we!!

Multi-cultural time bomb

Marriages between Jewish women and Arab men took center stage at a meeting of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women this week, when committee chairwoman Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) hosted a hearing on the subject in honor of Jewish Identity Day in the Knesset.

“We must confront the fact that the country has not valued education, which is the only way to prevent Jewish women from forging life connections with non-Jews,” Hotovely said.

“The struggle against assimilation only reaches headlines through stories about Jewish women marrying Muslim men, but it is important to remember that the phenomenon is much wider – 92,000 mixed families live in the State of Israel. There is a need to create a curriculum for girls in high schools that deals with Jewish identity. The fact that girls reach a state of intermarriage testifies to the fact that the education system was absent.”

Jewish Identity Day in the Knesset on Tuesday was sponsored by the Tzohar organization and by MK Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi), and featured a number of committee meetings, all focusing on aspects of Jewish identity in Israel. But not all the lawmakers thought that the subject was appropriate material for a committee hearing.

“There cannot be a hearing that seeks to determine with whom it is permissible to be married. It is a personal issue – there are things that the state should not be involved with,” complained MK Taleb a-Sanaa (United Arab List-Ta’al). “This hearing gives legitimacy to an anti-democratic and very dangerous situation in which the Knesset is expected to back up Halacha – the concept of Jewish identity does not need to make racism kosher.”

Sanaa elicited a chuckle from fellow MKs when he cited the Bible as proof of his argument.

“Ruth the Moabite wasn’t Jewish, but her descendant was King David,” he said. “I’d like to see what would happen if in France they held a hearing about what happens when Christians marry Jews.”

Yad L’Achim’s Zehava Drori said her organization took care of women who “are affiliated with all kinds of minorities.

“The scale of the problem is very wide – we feel that there is a constant silencing of the phenomenon,” she said.

Yad L’Achim representatives said there was a growing phenomenon of “girls who are converted to Islam without even being aware of the significance of what is happening to them. The sheikh comes to their house, and converts them.”

Under Israeli law, mixed-religion couples cannot be married in Israel, and thus the women are converted to Islam. But the women, said organization representatives, do not understand that their children, though Jews according to Halacha, will be registered as Muslim.

Yad L’Achim says it is currently working with approximately 1,000 women, while in 2008, it only had about 500. Most of the women, it says, came from backgrounds of severe economic or emotional distress.

“It is not racist to oppose intermarriage – marriages between Jewish women and Muslim men are like water and oil,” said Sarit, a Jewish woman who had been married to an Arab man. “It is not racist because they are not bad, but there are differences in mentalities that are impossible to deny.”

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  1. The European jews can kiss bye bye to their high IQ and all the rest of their White traits.

    It just goes to show that discrimination can be a very positive thing after all.

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