Online dating: The races differ

HUGE surprise here people – and this comes from the University of California-Berkeley (which is so lefty that this research has to be true). Apparently, golly-gosh, Whites still only want to date Whites – even on the web! It seems that all that propaganda and brainwashing about how it’s just so cool and hip to date outside your own race (especially when you’re White) has come to naught! How many billions has been wasted on forcing races Whites to mingle I wonder? Now get this interesting fact – young black men are the most likely to cross racial lines when looking for love online (I think we can safely say that this doesn’t only apply to ‘love’ online). But, I digress. The lead author, Gerald Mendelsohn, a UC Berkeley psychologist, says there are many reasons why people may say one thing (yes, it’s cool to date another race) and do another (80% Whites online contact Whites only). These were his reasons: 1. It looks cooler to say it than to do it (yes – agree); 2. Saying it and actually doing it are two different things (yes, I agree); 3. people are hypocritical! Mmmmm, guess he’s having a go at the Whites here. Yes Mr Mendelsohn – no need to waste money on any further research as Lime Lite will tell you why. Whites don’t dig Blacks – apart from those gullible enough to believe in the diversity fairy. We don’t dig their culture or behaviour. No matter how much research you do, the bottom line stays the same. BTW – I wonder if Mr Mendelsohn is one of those hypocrites he’s referring to? Sounds like he may be Jewish and we all know Jewish people tend to stick to their own. Of course, this is near San Fran so chances are he may, errr, be otherwise inclined. In any case, these researchers should be upfront and let us know their personal racial choices before they comment on ours and accuse us of hypocrisy.


With a plethora of interracial dating sites on the Web and a black president in office, one might think that we’re living in a post-racial era. But, apparently, that’s not the case.

According to a new University of California-Berkeley study of 1 million online daters, cyberspace is just as segregated as the real world. When it comes to dating online, whites prefer whites, research reveals. More than 80 percent of whites – even the 48 percent of males and 28 percent of females who said they were indifferent to race – sent messages to whites, and just 3 percent contacted blacks.

Researchers won’t disclose which major dating site they used to compare the racial preferences and online activity of more than 1 million singles. But we do know that they found significant differences between blacks and whites. Young black men are the most likely to cross racial lines when looking for love online, and blacks, including women, were 10 times as likely to contact a white person as whites were to contact blacks.

Some people don’t date outside of their race simply because they don’t come into contact with people of other races in their communities, where churches, grocery stores, and housing are still quite segregated.

“There’s no segregation online, which makes this data so interesting,” says Gerald Mendelsohn, a UC Berkeley psychologist and lead author of the study, which analyzed online subscribers in 2009 and 2010. “Online dating is about courtship and attraction. Segregation is a physical matter but it’s also a state of mind.”

Mendelsohn says there are three possible reasons for the discrepancy between attitudes about interracial coupling and the actual behavior of online daters.

“It might be appearance management,” he says. “They think it makes them look better to say that they’re open to another race. Also, saying you’re open to another race is only stage one of the dating process. Stage two is actually taking the step. Another possibility that can’t be discounted is that people are just hypocritical.”

Certainly, it’s a touchy subject. Just talking about race can make people uncomfortable.

“I don’t think I’ve ever dated someone outside of my race,” says Stephanie of Fremont, Calif., who is white and works in retail. She asked that her last name be withheld. “I think I’m just attracted to white guys. It’s what I know.”



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    ScienceDaily (Mar. 18, 2011) — The tendency to perceive others as “us versus them” isn’t exclusively human but appears to be shared by our primate cousins, a new study led by Yale researchers has found.

    In a series of ingenious experiments, Yale researchers led by psychologist Laurie Santos showed that monkeys treat individuals from outside their groups with the same suspicion and dislike as their human cousins tend to treat outsiders, suggesting that the roots of human intergroup conflict may be evolutionarily quite ancient.

    The findings are reported in the March issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

    “One of the more troubling aspects of human nature is that we evaluate people differently depending on whether they’re a member of our ‘ingroup’ or ‘outgroup,’” Santos said. “Pretty much every conflict in human history has involved people making distinctions on the basis of who is a member of their own race, religion, social class, and so on. The question we were interested in is: Where do these types of group distinctions come from?”

    The answer, she adds, is that such biases have apparently been shaped by 25 million years of evolution and not just by human culture…

    In the article, we get the impression that scientists disapprove of what evolution/nature has wrought. They describe it as “troubling” and “bad news”. Not once is it considered that there might be good reasons for this tendency, or that the distinction between “insiders” and “outsiders” is necessary for the development, and preservation, of human biodiversity. Any rational person, even a layman, should understand that, if evolution lead all primates to distinguish between “us” and “them” in such a way, surely there is an advantage to this. The reader should be left scratching his head and wondering why, all of a sudden, these scientists are opposed to nature. Clearly, they wish to relegate nature to the status of “them” and our modern social experiments and goals to the status of “us”.

    But there is hope, they say. Even though “us” and “them” clearly is rooted in biological relationships, nature can be fooled. The nation-state, organized religion and sports teams are good examples of this. But these scientists (AKA “social engineers”) do not wish to build onto what nature has given us; they wish to eliminate it:

    “The bad news is that the tendency to dislike outgroup members appears to be evolutionarily quite old, and therefore may be less simple to eliminate than we’d like to think,” Santos said. “The good news, though, is that even monkeys seem to be flexible about who counts as a group member. If we humans can find ways to harness this evolved flexibility, it might allow us to become an even more tolerant species.”

    “Tolerant” is a useful word; it masks the nefarious intentions of those who wish to erase racial/ethnic distinctions from our species (or, at least when it comes to whites). What these scientists might not realize is that the old distinctions will be replaced by a new one: the ruling elite and the enslaved masses – under one world government. Presumably, these scientists are intelligent people, so surely they must realize that the only possible outcome of a world without race/ethnicity would be a world without borders. Or perhaps they really believe that a completely “tolerant” race/ethnicity can maintain its distinctiveness long term. Can they be so naive?

  2. Some very interesting research there – of course there's always the debate that everyone is different, but as the last quote said, it's what people know. For instance my own experience is from having had both of my parents being white, it's kind of sub-conciously built in to me to date a white person!

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